Skillet Chicken with Olives and Tomatoes

Skillet Chicken with Olives and Tomatoes

This is another recipe on my list which I managed to cook this week just because the stars aligned. I knew from the start that my family would love this chicken with olives and tomatoes. My little Maria is crazy about olives, so it was pretty obvious that she would appreciate it. The unexpected thing was that Sofia, who can't stand olives, said the food was very good. She told me she couldn't feel the taste of olives thanks to the sauce and the meat.

You can use any olives you want for this recipe, however, I recommend pitted olives with a taste that you like.


Chicken meat
1 kg
200 g
pitted or whole
White onion
1 piece
Garlic cloves
3 pieces
Canned chopped tomatoes
400 g
or fresh, diced
Tomato paste
1 tbsp
20 g
White dry wine
0.5 cups
1 tsp
to taste
Ground black pepper
0.25 tsp
0.5 tsp
a small branch of green thyme or summer savory, optional

Step by step


Prepare the chicken first - I cut up a whole chicken: I saved the parts with bigger bones for soups and I use the meaty parts for other dishes.

But you can also buy only thighs, breast or wings etc.


I used brine-cured olives, so I placed them in a sieve to drain.


Bring together all the ingredients you need for the recipe.


Heat the butter in a large deep frying pan (mine is 28cm) and fry the chicken.


Turn on the other side and cook evenly on all sides.


Then transfer to a plate and set aside for a while.


Cook the onions until soft in the pan where you fried the chicken, stir in chopped garlic, mix and cook for 10 more seconds.


Quickly add 1 tbsp tomato paste, mix well and cook for another 1-2 minutes.


Stir in the diced tomatoes, canned or fresh, if they are in season.

Pour over the white demi-sec wine.


Season with salt, pepper and thyme (summer savory, optional).


Return the chicken thighs back to this sauce in the pan. 


Pour 1-2 glasses water, just enough to cover the chicken a little bit.


When it comes to the boil, cover the saucepan with a lid and simmer over low heat for about 1-2 hours.


From time to time, turn the chicken on the other side and check for doneness.


At the end, when meat has become soft and tender, take the lid off and turn up the heat. Cook over medium-high heat until the sauce starts to evaporate and become thicker. You can control the thickness of the sauce. I like it denser, so I cook it until I get the consistency I want.


Then add the olives in, stir carefully and cook for 10 more minutes.


After that, taste and adjust with salt, if needed.

Serve this meal warm together with any side dish you prefer, we had it with a simple crudites salad.


Quantity: 1500 g (6-8 servings)
Prep time: 120 min
Difficulty: intermediate
Ready in: 60 min
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