Chia Jello

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Chia Jello

Another super simple but very good recipe from the raw kitchen, in fact it is the most common and simple use of chia seeds - superfood, which is already found in almost any Plafar and on the internet.

You can replace here the fruit juice with vegetable milk and you will get chia pudding, very good and light.

I also tested this recipe at the workshop, it passed brilliantly and I even impressed a lot of people with this jelly.

The degree of gelling depends here on the amount of chia seeds you put in the juice, but also on the time of "swelling" - so you see, or put more seeds or have more patience.

200g">You can see here some information about chia seeds.


Any fruit juice
250 ml
or vegetable milk
Chia seeds
100 g

Step by step

Step 1

This is what the chia seeds I find on the ceiling in the neighborhood look like.

Chia Jello - Step 1
Step 2

In a bowl pour the juice / milk add the chia seeds.

Chia Jello - Step 2
Step 3

Stir and let it "swell" for about 30-60 minutes.

Chia Jello - Step 3
Step 4

A kind of more liquid jelly will come out, don't expect it to stay as firm as the classic gelatin jelly.

I often make it even more liquid so I can drink it.

Chia Jello - Step 4
Step 5

Pour the jelly into serving glasses, you can leave it in the fridge for a few hours.

Chia Jello - Step 5
Step 6

Chia seeds have no taste and smell, they completely take over the aroma and taste of the liquid they combine with.

So, very good to have around the house, especially for vegetarians or those who fast, or those who care about health and diet diversification.

Good appetite!

Chia Jello - Step 6
Quantity: 300 g (2 servings)
Prep time: 60 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 5 min
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