Pan-fried Lamb with Green Onions and Garlic

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Pan-fried Lamb with Green Onions and Garlic

Today I want to show you a very traditional lamb recipe on our table - my grandmother used to make it since I can remember, that's the only way I ate lamb all my childhood. A large frying pan was placed in the middle of the table, with garlic sauce and polenta, I don't remember ever having a piece left, it was so good.

It is prepared banally and simply, but the taste is special - the tender meat melts in the mouth, the garlic does not confuse at all, the sweet onion also has its charm - they are all perfect in their place. My husband noticed that this food is dangerous, you can't stop eating, you still want, bit by bit ...


Lamb meat
2 kg
I put pieces of meat, ribs - with bones
White onion
3 pieces
Garlic cloves
5 pieces
put green garlic, or simple garlic cloves
Laurel leaves
3 pieces
recommend putting some cloves, they remove very well the specific smell of lamb
Sunflower oil
50 ml
Salt and pepper
1 tsp
to taste

Step by step


The lamb is portioned and washed well.

Put it in a large pot, pour the water to cover well and put it on the fire.


When it starts to boil, turn down the heat, add the bay leaf and cloves if you have it.

Leave on the fire for about an hour, until the meat is completely cooked, but keep it on the bone. I usually try with a knife, if it enters the meat easily, it is ready.


Remove from the soup, drain and cool slightly.


Then heat the oil in a pan and brown the lamb pieces, making sure to turn them well on all sides.


Meanwhile, prepare the onion - peel, wash and cut into thicker julienne.


After you have browned the meat well on all sides, add the onion to the pan - I put it right over the meat and with a spoon I put it under the meat. This is how it is cooked together with the meat, periodically mixing lightly to sauté evenly.


After the onion is lightly browned, sprinkle salt and pepper over the food - according to taste and preference.

Then pour into the pan a polish from the soup in which the lamb is boiled.


Add chopped green garlic, or simply crushed garlic.

Gently mix the whole composition and turn off the heat.


Cover the tray with the lid and let it soak for about 15 minutes.


Serve with your favorite garnish - potatoes, rice, vegetables or polenta.

Good appetite!

Quantity: 2 kg (4-5 servings)
Prep time: 20 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 60 min
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