Quick Fermented Tomatoes

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Quick Fermented Tomatoes

I discovered this recipe because of a great appetite for fermented pickled tomatoes, right now, in the season full of fresh tomatoes. I didn't have the patience to wait until the fall when the pickles were made, so I stayed well on the net until I came across this ingenious recipe.

Tomatoes so pickled are made in 5 days and are even pickled, flavorful and absolutely delicious - the quantities in the recipe give them exactly only for brine, but also the amount of it is calculated depending on the amount of tomatoes and the dish in which you pickle them. This can be a 5l jar like mine, or a box / pan with a lid - it must fit in the fridge.


2 kg
choose tomatoes that are not very ripe, to be a little stronger and smaller
Celery leaves
2 bunches
2 bunches
Garlic cloves
10 pieces
Pickling salt(no iodine)
2 tbsp
1 l

Step by step


Wash the celery leaves and dill well.

A first layer is arranged in the bowl in which you will pick the tomatoes, I have a 5 liter jar.


Wash the tomatoes, peel the garlic.

For each tomato with a knife, remove the stalk and put a garlic clove or half of garlic in it.


As you fill them, arrange them in a jar - a layer of tomatoes + a layer of celery with dill.


Continue like this until you fill the jar, the last layer being green.


For the 5 liter jar I made 3 liters of brine - so I boiled 3 liters of water with 6 tablespoons of salt once.

I recommend using clean, filtered and chlorine-free water. I used the Brita cup to filter the tap water and to get a water as clean and good as possible for pickles.

You can find the whole range of Brita mugs on the Kitchenshop website .


Pour hot brine into the jar.


Put a lid, but not tightly closed, and leave at room temperature for 5 days to ferment.

When you pass the jar, shake it slightly - once a day is enough, but not mandatory.


After about 2 days, the color changes a little on the green and the water starts to be more cloudy.


On the 4th day I had to put a plate under the jar - it started to ferment more actively and the brine came out of the jar.

If it is warmer in your kitchen, I recommend you taste a tomato on day 4 - it may be ready sooner.


They were ready for me on the 5th day and it's not hot in the kitchen.

Before serving, refrigerate them for 5-6 hours (keep them there until they are finished).

And ready, enjoy some real pickled tomatoes, fragrant and fast.

Good appetite!

Quantity: 1 kg (1 jar)
Prep time: 360 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 60 min
Publish date:

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