How to Freeze Pumpkin Puree

How to Freeze Pumpkin Puree

During the season of the fresh, colorful and juicy pumpkin, I will continue to suggest various pumpkin recipes and preservation methods (especially this pumpkin puree in the freezer) because it's worth consuming it in as many forms as possible! In autumn, I always have pumpkin in the house, I keep it on the window if it is smaller, for the decor and atmosphere and, whenever I want a pie, a loaf cake or a soufflé, I quickly take it and cook it.

If you have larger pumpkins and there are some unused pieces left, I suggest you puree them and store in portioned bags in the freezer. This pumpkin puree is wonderful in various loaf cakes, cheesecakes, soufflés, porridges, puddings and much more. Besides the wonderful color, it also has many good, natural, handy and cheap nutrients.

Last year I even froze raw grated pumpkin. I didn't like it, it was watery when thawed and rubbery even after cooking, so I don't really recommend it.

You can choose the cooking method, I prefer steaming it, see the details in steps. It can also be baked in the oven (it comes out a little dry but you can cook a larger amount in the oven) or boil it in water (it's slightly more watery), or even in the microwave with some water in the bowl. Another important remark - I recommend freezing it in small portions of 100g, 200g and 500g or more, but only if you have a specific favourite recipe with those quantities. It's easier to defrost 2 bags than having to put it back in the freezer, get messy etc.


1 kg

Step by step

Step 1

I recommend buying the pumpkin from the market, one which is already cut in half or ask to have it cut on the spot. This way you can check for colour - it should be an intense colour.

I bought a whole pumpkin from the store and you can notice that it's a bit pale, but it still works. And, by the way, it's very practical to use a spoon to clean the seeds with.

How to Freeze Pumpkin Puree - Step 1
Step 2

For steaming:

- Peel, cut into cubes and place in the steamer. I have 2 overlapping pans, in the bottom one I pour a little water, the top one has holes and I arrange the pumpkin about halfway up.

For oven cooking:

- Cut the pumpkin into large slices with the peel on (remove after baking) and put in the oven sheet. To prevent it from drying out, cook it with a lid or foil on or in a baking bag. It's done when the knife is inserted easily into the pulp. Cooking time also depends on how thick the slices are.

For boiling in water:

- Cut the pumpkin into cubes and place in the pan, pour enough water to cover and boil until soft. Drain the water and strain the cooked pumpkin cubes in a sieve.

How to Freeze Pumpkin Puree - Step 2
Step 3

I usually steam it, it's ready in about 30-40 minutes.

How to Freeze Pumpkin Puree - Step 3
Step 4

I definitely check it with a knife, it should cut through the pumpkin like through butter :)

How to Freeze Pumpkin Puree - Step 4
Step 5

I recommend allowing it to cool for about half an hour in a bowl or pan.

Then squash well with the potato masher - in this case it will be less smooth, with small pieces of pumpkin. Most of the times, I prefer it this way.

How to Freeze Pumpkin Puree - Step 5
Step 6

Or make it a fine and smooth puree using the vertical blender - it's perfect in cheescakes, souffles, cakes and other wonders.

How to Freeze Pumpkin Puree - Step 6
Step 7

Once it has cooled completely, fill the freezer bags - I place the bag on the scales and I stop when I reach the desired weight.

It's very handy to write down the weight and name on each bag with a permanent marker, it doesn't come off so easily and you can find them with no trouble on the freezer shelf.

How to Freeze Pumpkin Puree - Step 7
Step 8

I made bags of 200g each this time - I close the bags with an airtight seal, press, even out and off they go into the freezer. In the winter, I only have to thaw the necessary portion and I am a very cool housewife :)


How to Freeze Pumpkin Puree - Step 8
Quantity: 1 kg
Prep time: 30 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 60 min
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