Aronia and Apple Jam with Walnuts

Aronia and Apple Jam with Walnuts

This new aronia recipe together with the aronia oatmeal cake were made from what I managed to pick from my garden this year. I'd say it's another brilliant use of chokeberries, the apples and the walnuts added to the jam will only enhance the flavour and texture. Aronia berries are not so flavourful nor tasty, so they need something to bring out their taste without hiding it completely. With this jam recipe, I think I managed to obtain something really special and interesting.  

I love the jelly-like texture of the aronia jam and, even though it's not very thick, it stays firm and it's not runny when served. The walnuts bring a slight crispiness and a fine aroma which matches so well with the rest of the ingredients. I won't say anything about the apples, you know how wonderful they are in any combination, here as well.


Aronia berries
1 kg
1 kg
whole apples, with peels and cores
200 g
2 pieces
1500 g
500 ml

Step by step


Sort the chokeberries and wash under running water using a colander.


Place the berries in a heavy-bottomed pot or a big Dutch oven, add 1500g sugar and 500ml water.

Set over heat, mix to combine.


When it comes to the boil, turn heat to low and let simmer for 20-30 minutes, stir occasionally.


After 20-30 minutes, pour in the juice from 2 lemons, mix and let simmer for another 10 minutes.


Meanwhile, wash, core and peel the apples, then cut into small cubes.

If you have many wormy apples, use a bit more than 1 kilo, even 1.5 kilos of whole apples.


Now mix the diced apples into the jam.


Stir to combine and boil for about another 30-40 minutes.


The boiling time may vary somewhat, you can look at the texture/colour of the apples - see the picture, they become darker in colour and slightly candied.


Add the walnuts cut into chunks with a knife.


Boil for 20 more minutes, notice what they look like now.


And notice what they look like after boiling - even the walnuts will change their colour and turn to purple.

Now the jam is ready and you can ladle it into jars, cleaned and dried in advance.


So, pour the jam into jars and seal.


Set on the table and let cool completely. It might be a bit runny at first, but after it cools down, it becomes jelly-like and denser in texture.

It's so delicious and it can be spread on bread, on biscuits, combined with yogurt, with porrigde etc.


Quantity: 3500 g
Prep time: 150 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 60 min
Publish date:
Collections: Canning

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