Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon Vol-au-Vents

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Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon Vol-au-Vents

An appetizer that is prepared quickly, is tasty, special and looks very good on the festive table. Vol-au-vents are light puff pastry pâtés that can be filled with any favorite cream, here with cream cheese and salmon, very, very good.


Puff pastry
500 g
a standard package of puff pastry
1 piece
Sesame seeds
1 tbsp
Philadelphia cream cheese
300 g
or any other cream cheese with a similar consistency
Smoked salmon
150 g
1 piece
use 3-4 tablespoons of lemon juice

Step by step


Let the puff pastry thaw. Then find something suitable for cutting circles - I used a smaller glass. To cut the edges of the circles, use a stopper from a water bottle, or any other shape you like.

It is important to have 15 large circles and another 15 large circles from which to cut the edges - see below for what.


Place the first large circles on an oven tray, prick well with a fork and grease with egg yolk.


Then put the edges of the cut circles over the first ones, grease them well with egg yolk. You can also put a third layer of edges according to the same method, I didn't put them anymore, I made them smaller.


Sprinkle the pies with sesame seeds and put in the oven at medium temperature.


After 10 minutes, open the oven door and if you notice that the patties have swelled too much, remove them and prick their middle with a fork to make them flatter. Put back in the oven until golden brown.


Remove the pâtés on a plate and leave to cool. You can make them the day before, but on the 2nd day the dough will be drier not as fragile as it is fresh.


Spread cream cheese, salmon and lemon juice with a blender - then I broke the vertical mixer and used the big one, it was a torment. So I recommend using a more efficient vertical mixer or food processor for the bird.


You can put the cream in the pâtés with a teaspoon and decorate with greens. I used the whipped cream spirit to make a beautiful cream shape, and I didn't put the greens on top.

Good appetite!

Quantity: 500 g (15-20 pieces)
Prep time: 90 min
Difficulty: intermediate
Ready in: 20 min
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