Tomato Sauce with Vegetables

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Tomato Sauce with Vegetables

It's time to show you one of the main cans I've been making for about 5 years - I invented it in an autumn, so I come up with an idea and that was in the category of the most successful - to say the least brilliant. The recipe has advanced along the way, now we have reached the optimal option - I would recommend you to follow the steps (reduce the quantities proportionally a bit, because here I put the recipe for 15 liters, it was made for 2 families). You can improvise a little, depending on what vegetables you have in the market / garden / house.

What I use it for - anything, starting with soup, pasta, food, pizza, any food in which you put tomato sauce and vegetables. I get to panic every year, when I see that the vegetables end up in the market and I didn't make my sauce for the winter.


2 kg
White onion
2 kg
1 kg
Round of hungary peppers
3 kg
Red peppers
3 kg
Celery root
500 g
be careful with celery, it depends on how you like it
2 kg
Tomato puree
3 l
2 tbsp
Sunflower oil
500 ml

Step by step


All vegetables are washed and cleaned.

In fact, this is the process that takes the longest and it would be good to have help.


A second important thing is to have a food processor - for chopping vegetables, otherwise you will do like me 2-3 years ago - onions and peppers are cut into juliennes; carrots, celery, bleach are grated; pass the tomatoes with something or cut them into small pieces.

Now, on the occasion of the robot, the work was about 10 times faster, I shredded all the vegetables one by one and along the way I put them to harden.


Now let me show you the order and grouping of vegetables for heat processing.

In a large cauldron (I have a 15 liter one, in it I mixed all the vegetables at the end) cook about 200 ml of oil and add all the carrots + celery + chopped bleach.

Leave to harden, stir periodically.


And in addition to the big pot, you should also have a pan or a smaller pot, for tempering the other vegetables in turn.

Next I sautéed the onion (all the vegetables are cooked separately) in a little oil.


After it has hardened slightly (it changes its color and texture a little), add it to the hardened composition from a pot of carrots + celery + bleach - mix and let the whole composition simmer over low heat until the other vegetables are dissolved.


I passed the peppers and donuts through the robot, hardened in oil and I added them to the composite above from the cauldron.


And the last part was the tomato one - boil it without oil, leave the juice, add it to the vegetables in the pot and pour the broth - you adjust it according to the texture you want in the sauce. If more liquid, add more broth, if thicker, less broth.


Mix the whole composition well and let it simmer for about an hour.


Then with the vertical blender, pass the whole composition - and insist more so that you have a paste as fine as possible, without the pieces of vegetables through it.


Let it boil for another 10-15 minutes, season with salt - I make it less salty.


Wash the brocan, dry well and if you want to be sure on the cans put preservative or aspirin.

I put here 1 aspirin pill in a 700-800ml jar and half a 320-380ml jar in a jar.


Fill the jars, leave about 1 finger on the lid and seal them well.


If you put aspirin or preservative should not be sterilized, just seal them well and allow to cool.

If you want without preservatives - sealed, hot jars put them in the oven at 100-150 degrees and leave for 40-45 minutes. Then allow to cool and store.

Here you can see the whole battalion of jars made from 15 liters of sauce.


For me, this sauce is indispensable for sarmale, soups, pizza, goulash, tomato sauces, etc.

So with almost everything I cook, with a few exceptions.

Good appetite!

Quantity: 15 l (respectively jars with different)
Prep time: 120 min
Difficulty: intermediate
Ready in: 60 min
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Collections: Canning

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