Easy Chocolate Spread in 5 minutes

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Easy Chocolate Spread in 5 minutes

An extraordinary chocolate spread recipe, as soon as I saw it I was curious and intrigued - I said I do it regardless of the result, at least to see if it deserves a lot of praise on the forum where I got it.

When I tasted the result, the first thought was to repeat it immediately to show you a miracle recipe, especially for chocolate lovers or for those in a hurry and less expert in sophisticated cake creams.


150 ml
Vegetable oil
350 ml
sunflower, grape seeds
Powdered sugar
0.5 cups
Cacao powder
4 tbsp
Powdered milk
3 tbsp
Vanilla Extract
1 tbsp
plus some ground nuts, I didn't put it now
0.1 tsp
a pinch of salt

Step by step


In a bowl or glass of deep blender, pour the milk and powdered sugar.


Pour the oil, put the blender vertically in the glass.

It must be placed exactly on the bottom of the vessel and when you release it you leave it like this for about 10 seconds, it does not rise up when you armor.


After 10 seconds, start moving it slightly and lift it up by about 1 cm, not suddenly and quickly.

In this way the milk will incorporate the oil, like mayonnaise.


And forget how we get a white and fluffy cream. Here you turn off the blender, the whole process takes about 2 minutes.


Add cocoa, vanilla, salt and powdered milk.

Mix lightly with the blender (without turning it on) so that it doesn't jump all in front of you :)


Then turn on the blender and smooth the composition well. It should look like in the picture.


Put the cream in the jar / bowl and leave it in the fridge for a few hours. Although it is very dense and immediate, but after the refrigerator it becomes firmer and a little stronger - the smell of oil is not felt at all.

Yes, it is more caloric, but it does not contain a lot of animal fats / eggs and consumed in moderation is a pleasure!

Good appetite!

PS. Who does not think to come to the workshop on December 8, we will surely do it there.

Quantity: 500 g
Prep time: 5 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 2 min
Publish date:

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