Homemade Romanian Mici

Homemade Romanian Mici

This Romanian mici recipe has been intensively tested over the last 2 years. I've started from some traditional recipes but I simplified the process a lot on the way and I've realised it doesn't have to be so complicated. I don't want to talk about the mistakes one can make, the more complicated the recipe, the more mistakes are likely to be made. I suggest trying this recipe first, then you can slowly introduce small changes - change the meat or the bacon, the water or the broth, make the sausages thin or thick etc.

I recommend the homemade Romanian mici spice mix, find the recipe on my website, and I insist on this combination. I make this spice mix once and I can use it for several batches, it keeps very well in a tightly sealed jar.


Pork leg meat
1 kg
can be combined with beef or lamb
Pork fat
300 g
can be combined with other animal fats: duck, mutton, beef fat
Garlic cloves
5 pieces
300 ml
can be replaced with meat broth or sparkling water
1 tbsp
Baking soda
1 tsp
Romanian mici spice mix
2 tsp
adjust to taste, at least 1 tsp or more, if you want more flavour, recipe in steps

Step by step


Most often I use pork for mici, it's the most handy and the result will always be successful. 

I recommend buying the pork leg and the bacon separately. That's how you can control how tender the sausages will be, as you can never know for sure how fat the meat really is.


Cut the meat into medium sized pieces, which will go into the grinder.

Add the 5 garlic cloves, they will go into the grinder as well.


Grind the meat, bacon and garlic.

I recommend getting a meat grinder. It is a required kitchen tool, very useful and within a reasonable price. 


If you are brave and you've got time, you can simmer a bone or meat broth along with some root vegetables.

If I cook more, I pour into 300 ml plastic bottles and keep in the freezer. This is the quantity needed for cooking the Romanian mici, but you can use it for other dishes as well.

It's also perfectly OK to use water instead of broth - sparkling or still, either way. I tried it and I didn't feel much difference.


Sprinkle 2 tsp Romanian mici spice mix, salt and baking soda over the ground meat, bacon and garlic.


Start mixing the mici paste with your hands and slowly incorporate 300ml broth or water.


When it becomes a smooth paste, after about 5 minutes, take the mixture in your hands and throw it vigorously back in the bowl - repeat this procedure 20 times. This way you'll release any possible negative energies and the sausages will be more elastic, they will hold together well, without crumbling away.

Then cover the paste with a lid and refrigerate for 10-12 hours. I usually prepare it in the evening and grill the next day.


The next day knead the mici paste again, this time without throwing :)

We start shaping the mici with our hands (other methods are just tricks and won't work): 

- take a handful of meat and shape into a big ball;

Try spreading some oil on your hands and on the dish you are going to put the sausages in.


- then shape the ball into a sausage - insist on the middle part, one of the most common mistakes is making the sausages bulky in the middle.


- you can make the sausages a bit longer (12-14cm), they will shrink a little while cooking and they will reach the standard size, about 10 cm.


As you are shaping the sausages, arrange them on a baking sheet greased with some oil. I usually make about 25 mici from these quantities, just enough for a grill.


To save space, you can overlap them in a plastic container like the one in the photo. This was the shaping part, easy and clean, and in time you'll be able to make nicer and neater sausages.

I tried other methods as well but I only get angry and I dirty too many kitchen utensils. I don't recommend any of them and I won't even say what they are, so you won't waste your time in vain :) 


Now we move on to the grilling - the mici don't need a strog fire, so take care not to burn them. We usually light a stronger fire, we grill some other meat and we cook the mici afterwards. This way they can roast properly and they won't burn.

You must grease the grill with a piece of bacon or fat or brush with some oil before you put the mici on it.


It's important to be patient. Don't turn them over too soon, they will break apart and lose their shape.

Use a spatula to carefully turn them when they are well browned on one side. Grill on 3 or 4 sides, depending on how skillful you are, but this is something you can learn in time, with experience :)


No need to keep them too long on the grill (they might dry), but they shouldn't be undone, either. That's why the fire should be moderate, so that they can cook properly.

Serve with your favourite mustard and some pickles, they are wonderful and delicious!


Quantity: 1500 g (24-25 pieces)
Prep time: 600 min
Difficulty: intermediate
Ready in: 60 min
Publish date:

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