Homemade Italian Salsiccia

Homemade Italian Salsiccia

All homemade sausages are good, but I really want to show you the wonderful Salsiccia sausages, an Italian recipe. There are many variants because each region of Italy has its own favorite spices. We tried them in Tuscany and this would probably be one of the most popular Salsiccia recipes, a rather classic one.

Unlike other common spices that we use in our Romanian sausages too, ground fennel seed is mostly used in Salsiccia. It has a very specific and fine flavour which goes very well with pork. You can find fennel seeds in many online stores or in health shops, then grind at home in the coffee grinder.

These sausages are delicious. You must try them when you make a larger amount of homemade sausages. Season the largest part with the specific Romanian spices and reserve a trial amount to make Salsiccia. They can be served as such, but their filling is also used to prepare various pastas, pizzas and Italian-style dishes.


Pork leg meat
3 kg
Pork belly
1.5 kg
or even bacon/lard, if the pork skirt isn't fatty
Garlic cloves
10 pieces
3 tbsp
Ground black pepper
1 tbsp
Fennel seed
1 tbsp
ground in a coffee grinder
White wine
250 ml
or red wine
Natural hog casings
150 g
a box

Step by step

Step 1

Buy and prepare the meat, see the ingredients list.

I recommend that the bacon is pretty fatty or that you replace it with bacon/lard. The higher percentage of fat in the mixture, the more tender the sausages.

Homemade Italian Salsiccia - Step 1
Step 2

I use these two types of chopper plates for grinding the meat for sausages. The one with smaller holes came with the meat grinder. I bought the other one from the market and I use it when I want the sausages to have thicker pieces of meat inside as well.

You can use only one of them, whichever you have. Or just cut the small pieces of meat with a knife instead of using the three hole plate.

Homemade Italian Salsiccia - Step 2
Step 3

Chop the meat in the meat grinder.

Add salt, pepper, crushed garlic and ground fennel seed.

Homemade Italian Salsiccia - Step 3
Step 4

Pour the wine, white or red, either is good.

In some regions of Italy, wine is replaced with orange juice.

Homemade Italian Salsiccia - Step 4
Step 5

Mix well with your hands.

Homemade Italian Salsiccia - Step 5
Step 6

Cover the bowl with a lid or foil and refrigerate for 12-24 hours to marinate and for the flavours to blend.

Homemade Italian Salsiccia - Step 6
Step 7

After this time, we start stuffing the sausages. I've been using this type of sausage stuffer for two years and I'm extremely satisfied with it. I recommend it, if you are a fan of homemade sausages.

Before, I used the meat grinder to stuff the sausages but I wasn't pleased, so I changed the method.

Homemade Italian Salsiccia - Step 7
Step 8

Wash the hog casings thoroughly to remove the salt and leave in warm water for 30-40 minutes to soften. You could even add a little vinegar or 1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice, to get rid of the specific smell.

Homemade Italian Salsiccia - Step 8
Step 9

Then place the wet meat bags around the stuffing tube.

Homemade Italian Salsiccia - Step 9
Step 10

Stuff the sausages. Try not to fill too much, so that they won't crack during cooking. They shouldn't be empty either, adjust along the way.

Twist the skin every 10-15 cm to have authentic Salsiccia sausages, which are usually smaller in size.

Homemade Italian Salsiccia - Step 10
Step 11

I always make a larger quantity. I make portions of about 1 kg each which I freeze. I can cook them whenever we want homemade sausages.

Homemade Italian Salsiccia - Step 11
Step 12

The simplest preparation method is baking them in the oven. But remember. Whether you fry them in a pan or cook in the oven, always prick them with a safety pin, so that they won't crack during cooking.

Homemade Italian Salsiccia - Step 12
Step 13

While they are cooking in the oven, turn them over and brush with the grease which they released in the pan.

Notice that I lined the sheet with baking paper, for later easier cleaning.

Homemade Italian Salsiccia - Step 13
Step 14

The sausages are done when they are evenly browned. Of course, they are best served warm with any garnish you like.

Homemade Italian Salsiccia - Step 14
Step 15

In Italy, Salsiccia sausages are most often prepared in a pan according to the following method:

- heat the pan with a little olive oil and put the sausages in it;

Homemade Italian Salsiccia - Step 15
Step 16

When they start to brown, you can cut their ends with the scissors and untie them. Use a fork to turn on all sides.

Pour over about 150 ml of water or white/red wine. Cover with a lid and let simmer slowly for 10 minutes.

Homemade Italian Salsiccia - Step 16
Step 17

The sausages cooked in this way are very tender and tasty, you must try the method.

Of course, they can be placed on the grill. Or the filling can be used for making pasta, pizza, pies, soups etc.

Homemade Italian Salsiccia - Step 17
Step 18

We liked them a lot and we will definitely make Salsiccia periodically.


Homemade Italian Salsiccia - Step 18
Quantity: 5 kg
Prep time: 60 min
Difficulty: difficult
Ready in: 120 min
Publish date:

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