Crispy Seeds and Meringue Cookies

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Crispy Seeds and Meringue Cookies

Besides that in the title I would add that they are also quite dietary (they do not contain flour and fat at all, only egg whites), they are prepared quickly and are super delicious - like meringues flavored with seeds.

I always have a lot of reserves of various seeds in the kitchen and I really like the recipes where I can apply them, especially flax and pumpkin seeds. The good part is that children like it, so another way to supplement their menu with some vitamins and fiber.


Flax seeds
20 g
Chopped Nuts
30 g
Sunflower seeds kernels
50 g
Pumpkin seeds
40 g
Egg whites
1 piece
if it is a smaller egg, put the egg whites from 2 eggs
80 g
Oat flakes
60 g
0.25 tsp

Step by step


Prepare and weigh the seeds and oatmeal in a plate.


In another bowl, beat the egg whites well with a pinch of salt.


When the white foam is made, start adding a little sugar until you incorporate it completely.


Add the seeds over the beaten egg white and mix with a spoon.


Lay a baking tray with baking paper and grease it with a little oil.


Put a tablespoon of the cookie mixture and level it to be flat and round like a cookie.


That's how they came out to me, of course you can't make them perfectly round - but like some cakes you can shape them, with a spoon of course - the dough is too soft to work with your hands.


Bake them for 45 minutes at 100 degrees, then another 10-15 minutes at 160 degrees.

Take care of these in these last minutes - they can burn very quickly, keep an eye on them.

It is important to be slightly browned underneath, even if when you take them out they will look soft, in a few minutes after baking they will harden and become crispy.


Yes, so I said - delicious and healthy, I really recommend them.

Good appetite!

Quantity: 500 g (about 15 pieces)
Prep time: 60 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 15 min
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Collections: Cookies, Desserts

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