Plum and Apple Jam

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Plum and Apple Jam

One of my favorite combinations of frutis for jam, although we also really like plum jam, in combination with apples it seems to be even better, more fragrant and tasty. Apples bind even better to consistency and give it a very fine aroma, at the same time it does not cover that of plums.

I recommend you to try the combination, in our country there is a "beating" in the family on it, the last jars are like gold :)


2 kg
choose soft and well-ripened plums
1 kg
2 kg

Step by step


The plums are washed, peeled - you can leave them in halves or cut into quarters, or they can be passed through a robot, if you want a finer consistency to the jam.

I prefer to cut them into quarters to make the plum pieces feel.


Apples are cleaned from the back and given through a larger grater or robot, with the peel.


In a 4-5 liter kettle pour 1 glass of water and the 2 kg of sugar, put on the fire.


Notice that the water will melt the sugar along the way, and a thick syrup is made when it starts to boil. Do not forget to stir in it 2-3 times.


When the syrup boils well, add the plums and apples previously prepared in it, mix and let it simmer.


Be sure to stay by the side until it starts to boil well, it will froth and if you don't mix and reduce the heat it will run on the stove.

So, as soon as it starts to boil, make a small fire and stir in it periodically.


After 1 hour of cooking it will look like this.


After 2 hours it will be like this, notice that the color and consistency also change.

I started it in the evening and after 2 hours I stopped the fire until the morning, I left it uncovered. It is optional, you can still boil it if you have time.


So, I left it overnight - in the morning, when it was cold, it looks like this - I noticed that this state was good for him overnight - something observed in other jam / jam recipes. But I repeat, it is not mandatory, namely for this recipe.


I boiled it for another hour and a half on low heat, stirring more and more often because towards the end it tends to stick to the bottom.

So in total my jam boiled for 3.5 hours - more than 4 hours I do not recommend boiling it, only if you want it very thick, let the spoon stay in it.


Pour it hot into dry jars and close the lid tightly.


These are my jars, from the amount of fruit and sugar above.

After they cool, put them in the pantry.


Although when it is hot the jam looks liquid, after cooling it will have the right consistency and quite thick.

It can also be seen in the picture.

Good appetite!

Quantity: 3500 g (7-8 jars of 300 ml)
Prep time: 180 min
Difficulty: intermediate
Ready in: 60 min
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Collections: Canning

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