Easy Homemade Meringue

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Easy Homemade Meringue

I have long planned to work on the meringue recipe, especially after many questions about the use of egg whites. But, although it seems a trivial recipe, even very, there are some small details that matter to get a perfect result.

You can replace the powdered sugar in the recipe with plain sugar, but you will have more work to do and you will not get the perfectly shiny meringue very quickly. Also, you may not get it right away due to the oven temperature, until you see how the perfect meringue reconciles with your oven, you might be wrong, so at least it was with me.

In conclusion, it is worth all the effort and effort - they are the simplest biscuits, without fat and flour, very airy, they melt in your mouth. You can add any flavors, colors, hazelnuts / chopped walnuts on top.

Here you have the recipe from 3 egg whites (about 100g), about this amount you will have an oven tray full of meringues. It is better to do it in a few rounds if you want more, because the meringue already mixed must be put in the oven, later it loses its texture.


Egg whites
3 pieces
about 100g of egg whites
Powdered sugar
150 g
add 50g of extra sugar to each added egg white - you can also use plain sugar, but it increases the mixing time
0.25 tsp
a knife tip
0.5 pieces

Step by step


First, prepare and measure the sugar - I passed the plain sugar through the coffee grinder.


With half a lemon, grease / degrease the bowl in which you will make the meringue.


Separate the egg whites and put them in the prepared bowl, add salt.

We have also prepared the sugar, we can actually start mixing.


We start to mix the egg whites (no sugar, only salt).

Notice how the foam starts to form.


The foam keeps growing, but we still don't add sugar.


When we have the egg whites beaten firmly, so in the picture turn the bowl and they do not flow, do not drip on the walls - this is when we start to add sugar.


But we don't add all the sugar once, about a spoonful (measured ochiometrically) and mix well after each one, about half a minute between portions.


After you have finished the sugar, continue mixing.


Stop periodically, take a little meringue between your fingers, if you still feel that it is a coarse composition, keep mixing.

Stop when the meringue is perfectly smooth and soft.

If you put simple sugar, not powder, it will take longer until it melts completely, so it will increase your mixing time and stress :)


Another indicator, if you remove the mixer blades from the egg white, it must be firm, glossy white and with extended tips.


Prepare the baking paper for the tray, cut it to size and grease the back of the corners with a little egg white. This way it will adhere well to the tray and will not run away when you put the meringues on the paper.

I would even recommend sprinkling the flour or starch on the paper, if it is a poor quality paper, the meringues could stick to it.


With a garnish or a spoon, form the meringues.

Do not make them too big and thick because the baking time will increase.


Bake them in the electric oven for 1.5-2 hours, at 70-90 degrees, the first half hour do not open the oven door so that the meringues do not crack. The time may vary depending on each oven.

Bake in the gas oven at the lowest level and with the oven ajar (put a pencil in the door).

If the meringues brown too quickly, open the oven and lower the temperature.

When they come off the paper / tray easily, they are ready.


Mine didn't turn out perfectly white because I left them unattended for about an hour and I didn't catch the moment when I had to lower the temperature.

I made them in the evening, after they were baked, I left them in the oven until they dried perfectly in the morning.

Here you have the picture with small meringues, they were perfectly dry and tender.


Here are the larger meringues, at the same time baking, they were firm on top but softer and stickier inside.

So, simple recipe but with many details to consider, until you take them into account and get used to it - because it's worth it :)

Good appetite!

Quantity: 30 pieces (1 oven tray)
Prep time: 120 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 15 min
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Collections: Cookies, Desserts

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