Coconut Raffaello Cake

Coconut Raffaello Cake

Soft and fluffy countertop with a fine coconut aroma, white chocolate Ganache cream, in the countertop syrup I added a little almond essence. I even decorated it with Raffaello candies, but it is optional, more effective.

The white chocolate Ganache cream is to be considered, it became my favorite after working with this recipe, simple and very effective, it tastes very good.

Delicious, tender and you will definitely like even the most capricious guests!


6 pieces
120 g
Powdered sugar
3 tbsp
Sunflower oil
2 tbsp
Coconut flakes
30 g
plus an extra 100g for garnish
White flour
100 g
Vanilla Extract
1 tbsp
and almond essence optional
Baking powder
1 tsp
White chocolate
600 g
Whipping Cream(32-35%)
600 ml
Raffaello candies
230 g

Step by step

Step 1

Prepare the cake top in advance to lessen the work during cake assembly. Begin baking at least 5-6 hours before the planned decoration and cream filling.

Organize your ingredients - separate the egg whites from the yolks, combine the flour with 30g of coconut and baking powder, etc.

Coconut Raffaello Cake - Step 1
Step 2

Whisk the egg whites and gradually incorporate 60g of sugar, followed by the powdered sugar. The result should be a white, shiny, and firm foam.

Coconut Raffaello Cake - Step 2
Step 3

Whip the yolks with the remaining 60g of sugar until frothy. Mix in the 2 tablespoons of oil and vanilla extract thoroughly.

Coconut Raffaello Cake - Step 3
Step 4

Add the beaten egg whites into the yolk mixture, folding gently with a spatula.

Coconut Raffaello Cake - Step 4
Step 5

Incorporate the flour, coconut, and baking powder mixture, blending gently until there are no lumps.

Coconut Raffaello Cake - Step 5
Step 6

Pour the dough into a baking tray lined with parchment paper. The recommended tray size is 28 cm in diameter.

Coconut Raffaello Cake - Step 6
Step 7

Bake in a preheated oven set between 180 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes, or until the cake passes the toothpick test.

Expect the cake to rise during baking and deflate slightly upon cooling.

Coconut Raffaello Cake - Step 7
Step 8

Let the cake cool in the pan for 2-3 hours. For easier slicing, freeze the cake top for 60-90 minutes before cutting.

Coconut Raffaello Cake - Step 8
Step 9

Cut the cake top into three even layers.

Coconut Raffaello Cake - Step 9
Step 10

Begin the ganache cream preparation 5-6 hours in advance as it needs to cool completely before whipping. Heat the whipping cream in a saucepan and remove from heat once it starts to boil. Add the white chocolate and let it sit for 1-2 minutes.

Coconut Raffaello Cake - Step 10
Step 11

Stir the mixture until the chocolate has completely melted into the cream. Allow it to cool and refrigerate for at least 2-3 hours.

Coconut Raffaello Cake - Step 11
Step 12

When you're ready to assemble the cake, whip the cooled white chocolate and cream mixture at high speed.

Coconut Raffaello Cake - Step 12
Step 13

The ganache cream is ready when it thickens and holds firm.

Coconut Raffaello Cake - Step 13
Step 14

Assemble the cake.

Syrup each layer (using a syrup made from 200ml water, 1 tbsp sugar, and 0.5 teaspoon almond flavor, or milk and almond flavor).

Coconut Raffaello Cake - Step 14
Step 15

Spread a generous amount of cream (3-4 tablespoons) on each layer.

Coconut Raffaello Cake - Step 15
Step 16

Lastly, coat the sides and top of the cake evenly with the remaining cream.

Coconut Raffaello Cake - Step 16
Step 17

Sprinkle with grated coconut.

Coconut Raffaello Cake - Step 17
Step 18

Decorate with Raffaello candies if desired.

Let the cake sit in the refrigerator for 6-7 hours to allow the flavors to meld before serving.

Coconut Raffaello Cake - Step 18
Step 19

This Coconut Raffaello Cake recipe is a delicious and impressive dessert that is sure to please any guest.


Coconut Raffaello Cake - Step 19
Quantity: 2 kg (8-10 servings)
Prep time: 240 min
Difficulty: intermediate
Ready in: 240 min
Publish date:
Collections: Cakes, Cakes, Desserts

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