Spinach Feta Pancakes

Spinach Feta Pancakes

I was in a slight dilemma about this recipe. I didn't know how to call it better - pancakes or meatballs, it's like a bit of both. They are not the classic thin pancakes (we will talk about them some other time) nor the meatballs you know - thicker and smaller. However, I decided they should be pancakes, thicker and tender. I cooked them like pancakes, so be it.

They are a quick improvisation. I was a bit skeptical until I tasted them and I saw them disappear quickly from the plate. We had them as such and with yogurt. I had to stop dad at some point, to leave some to the kids as well, as they are more slow :)

I received orders to cook pancakes like this again and statements from my family that now they have a new favorite dish with spinach - besides spinach with eggs and quick spinach and cheese pie. Even I am impressed by the delicious miracles I can make with spinach. Six years ago, I couldn't stand it in any form, and I was wondering why people buy it so desperately at the market :)) And now I've made frozen stocks myself, at least 10 bags in the freezer - scalded and drained.

To make them even healthier, you can add 2-3 tablespoons of fine oatmeal.


300 g
scalded (or thawed) and well drained
3 pieces
250 ml
0.5 tsp
All-Purpose Flour
100 g
Baking powder
10 g
Feta cheese
50 g

Step by step

Step 1

Wash and scald the spinach, or thaw. Drain well.

Spinach Feta Pancakes - Step 1
Step 2

In a food processor, combine the spinach with eggs, yogurt and salt.

Spinach Feta Pancakes - Step 2
Step 3

Mix well. I didn't blend the spinach very finely. If you want it more pasta-like, mix for longer or use a hand blender.

Spinach Feta Pancakes - Step 3
Step 4

Pour the spinach mixture into a bowl, add the flour and baking powder. Stir well with a whisk until there are no lumps.

Spinach Feta Pancakes - Step 4
Step 5

Finally, add the Telemea cheese, grated or crushed with your hands. Mix.

Spinach Feta Pancakes - Step 5
Step 6

Heat well a non-stick pan. Using a spoon, scoop some batter into the pan and spread out into a small pancake. Don't make it too thin, it should be about 5-6mm thick.

Note that I don't use oil in the pan, it's not necessary.

Spinach Feta Pancakes - Step 6
Step 7

Cook well on both sides, use a spatula to turn them over faster and easier.

Make sure the heat is medium to small, so the pancakes can cook freely, without burning.

Spinach Feta Pancakes - Step 7
Step 8

Serve them warm (I liked them warm and cold, not hot) with a little yogurt, maybe mixed with garlic.


Spinach Feta Pancakes - Step 8
Quantity: 600 g
Prep time: 30 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 15 min
Publish date:

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