No-Cook Cornelian Cherry Jam

No-Cook Cornelian Cherry Jam

Of all the compotes and jams, I would say that only the Cornelian cherry ones are special for me. I never get bored with their unique flavour and taste.

Normally, Cornelian cherries aren't sweet, they are sour, aromatic and they have an astringent taste. Besides the fact that they are special in compote and jams, they have a lot of healing properties - immunostimulatory, antipyretic, diuretic, digestive, and so on. Mums write on forums that the antipyretic effect is really remarkable, the fever is reduced visibly after a few teaspoons of Cornelian cherry syrup or paste.

I said that, first of all, this year I was going to test the raw, uncooked version of the Cornelian cherry jam, preserved with sugar and stored in the refrigerator. I was thinking to give it to the children, next to some porridge or yogurt, to see what happens ... anyway, its taste is great and you won't be sorry for such a reserve.


Cornelian cherries
500 g
800 g

Step by step

Step 1

Normally this is what Cornelian cherries look like. They are small and quite firm to the touch. From these, I made: compote, some raw in the freezer and an extra-super-mega good jam - the recipe follows :)

They have seeds that are not easy to remove, and you can see below how to solve this.

No-Cook Cornelian Cherry Jam - Step 1
Step 2

This year I was lucky enough to find bigger fruit, so the process of cleaning the seeds was faster. But it's not a big deal with the smaller ones either, I guarantee it's worth it :)

So, wash the Cornelian cherries and drain well.

No-Cook Cornelian Cherry Jam - Step 2
Step 3

Place a few on a cutting board and crush with a glass.

No-Cook Cornelian Cherry Jam - Step 3
Step 4

That's about it.

No-Cook Cornelian Cherry Jam - Step 4
Step 5

Notice that the seeds are very easy to remove after this procedure.

No-Cook Cornelian Cherry Jam - Step 5
Step 6

And, patiently, remove all the seeds in this way.

No-Cook Cornelian Cherry Jam - Step 6
Step 7

Mash the fruit in a food processor or blender.

No-Cook Cornelian Cherry Jam - Step 7
Step 8

Weigh the resulting amount of puree and add sugar twice this amount.

So, if you have 400g of mashed fruit, put 800g of sugar.

No-Cook Cornelian Cherry Jam - Step 8
Step 9

Mix well and pour into clean and dry jars.

No-Cook Cornelian Cherry Jam - Step 9
Step 10

Store in a cool cellar or refrigerator. This mixture is very fragrant and children will definitely like the taste.


No-Cook Cornelian Cherry Jam - Step 10
Quantity: 1200 g
Prep time: 15 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 60 min
Publish date:
Collections: Canning

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