Wood Ear Mushroom Salad

Wood Ear Mushroom Salad

Dried wood ear mushrooms are a must for me now, they are always present in my pantry. First of all, I can use them anytime to make a marinated wood ear salad - fast, delicious and interesting for guests and not only. Then, I definitely use them for the Chicken and wood ear, one of my favorite dishes of the Chinese cuisine. But wait to see what delicious Ants Climbing a Tree you can cook with them!

These dried mushrooms are very prolific and tricky - they have a long shelf life and you can use them whenever you need, without having to store them in the fridge. And then, when you soak them, you think they are too few and you add another handful... and you end up with a lot of mushrooms, enough for an army! So just be aware that they increase their volume a lot, almost 10 times...


Dried wood ear mushrooms
30 g
I consider the amount of dried mushrooms before soaking
Vegetable oil
100 ml
50 ml
1 piece
+ 1 stalk of green onion to garnish, it's optional
Garlic cloves
2 pieces
Ground coriander
0.5 tsp
1 tbsp
Chilli pepper
0.25 tsp
I have in mind dried chilli pepper flakes, optional, if you want the salad to be more spicy
Sesame seeds
1 tsp
for decoration

Step by step

Step 1

This is a 100g bag of dried mushrooms that I buy from Chinese stores. It usually costs no more than 12-13 lei and I think it's a very decent price considering how much you can make from them.

Wood Ear Mushroom Salad - Step 1
Step 2

A big plus - they have a long shelf life, notice that they do not contain any other chemicals, only dehydrated and dried mushrooms.

Wood Ear Mushroom Salad - Step 2
Step 3

Take a deeper bowl and place a handful of mushrooms in it, about 25-30 grams.

Don't think it's little, they will increase in volume 10 times after soaking!

Wood Ear Mushroom Salad - Step 3
Step 4

We now have 2 hydration options:

- pour cold water (to fill the bowl) and let soak for 2-3 hours at room temperature - I usually do so;

- pour hot boiling water and let soak for 15 minutes - it's faster if you are in a hurry.

Wood Ear Mushroom Salad - Step 4
Step 5

Now notice how a small handful of mushrooms filled the whole big bowl!

Every time I fool myself and I never learn to use fewer mushrooms :)

The amount in the recipe is tested, so you can go with it.

Wood Ear Mushroom Salad - Step 5
Step 6

After soaking, I take a few mushrooms in my hand and give them a good rinse under cold running water, then drain in a sieve.

I make sure all the mushrooms are soft and well hydrated. I usually do not find impurities in these mushrooms taken from Chinese stores, but it's good to be careful. I can't stand anything crashing between my teeth while eating.

Wood Ear Mushroom Salad - Step 6
Step 7

While the mushrooms drain, we make the marinade.

Finely chop an onion and place in a pan with oil to brown lightly.

Here, I prefer to mince the onion very finely so that even the fussy ones, who can't stand the onion, won't even notice it. Onion completely changes the taste of the salad for the better.

Wood Ear Mushroom Salad - Step 7
Step 8

When the onion is brown, turn off the heat and start adding the following straight in the pan - vinegar, salt, coriander, crushed garlic and chilli flakes if you want it spicy.

Mix well all ingredients.

Wood Ear Mushroom Salad - Step 8
Step 9

Pour this sauce over the mushrooms we prepared earlier and mix well.

Wood Ear Mushroom Salad - Step 9
Step 10

Adjust with salt, vinegar or other spices that you like - I don't use too much of these, the taste is quite specific and I don't make unverified combinations.

I noticed that this salad requires a little more salt and vinegar - the mushrooms have a neutral taste and absorb them well.

Wood Ear Mushroom Salad - Step 10
Step 11

It can be served immediately but it's better if marinated in the fridge for at least 1 hour.

It lasts up to a week in a cold place and it's even better.

Wood Ear Mushroom Salad - Step 11
Step 12

When serving, garnish with some sesame seeds and green onions cut in Chinese style - longer pieces chopped at an angle.

As for the taste - it is crunchy, elastic, aromatic, filling, delicious - perfect for festive meals and as a fiber supplement to any food.


Wood Ear Mushroom Salad - Step 12
Quantity: 200 g (4-5 servings)
Prep time: 60 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 120 min
Publish date:

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