Moldovan Poppy Seed Pita

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Moldovan Poppy Seed Pita

Another one of the desserts from my childhood - the poppy seed pita, my grandmother used to prepare them when she started to make the fire in the stove and put them to bake directly on the stove, but in general it is one of the basic desserts when the memorial meals are made in the north of Moldova.

I managed to improvise that taste and aroma of fried dough on the classic kitchen pan, the most important thing is to be patient and brown the dough cakes well on a high heat.

From the quantities above you will get a fairly generous amount of poppy seed pita, you could make half the portion if you are on your first try. They are served immediately warm, but also cold from the refrigerator went with the same success. They are very tasty, for fasting and with the taste of home...


White flour
500 g
1 tsp
Vegetable oil
4 tbsp
280 ml
Poppy seeds
100 g
100 g
150 g

Step by step


First of all, I recommend scalding the poppy seed, until you work the dough, it will soften just fine.

So, pour 100ml of hot water over 100g of poppy seeds, mix and leave on the table for 30-60 minutes.


Put 500g of flour in a large bowl, add 1 teaspoon of salt, 4 tablespoons of oil and gradually pour water.

Mix everything with a spoon until the dough sticks.


Then put it on the table and knead until the dough becomes smooth and uniform. Let it rest for 10 minutes on the table covered with a towel or bag.


After 10 minutes, cut it into 6 uniform pieces and shape them into balls.

Leave the balls to rest for another 10 minutes.


Place a 26-28cm diameter frying pan on the stove, without greasing it with oil or other fat.

Roll out thin sheets of 2 mm thickness with the rolling pin.


Bake them on a dry, hot pan and brown evenly on both sides.

The fire under the pan must be maximum, so that the sheets of dough brown quickly and hard.


As soon as they are ready, stack the pitas one on top of the other and let them cool until we prepare the rest of the ingredients.


Grind the walnuts a little in the blender, but do not make them powder, the pieces must remain crunchy.

In addition, I heated them a little in the pan, for a more intense aroma.


Break the pita bread into small pieces and put them in a bowl where we will mix the whole composition.


Pour 200ml of water into a pan, add 150g of sugar, mix, put on fire and leave until this syrup starts to boil.


Grind the scalded poppy a little in a blender and put it on top of the broken cakes.

Also here add the chopped walnuts.


Pour the hot syrup.


Mix everything well and leave 10 minutes on the table for the ingredients to penetrate.


You can serve them warm or cold, either way they are very good.

You can prepare the pita ahead of time and assemble them with syrup on the day you need them.

Good appetite!

Quantity: 750 g
Prep time: 30 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 90 min
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