Pizza Carbonara

Pizza Carbonara

Pizza still remains the kids' favourite for any meal, now matter how super interesting other food might be. This is our new 'star', Pizza Carbonara, it's very easy to prepare and the girls asked me to cook it more often, as it it the tastiest I've ever made! You can use any dough you like, the classic one or the quick version, no yeast dough (my favourite!)

Pizza is not only the kid's best-loved snack, but it's also a great alternative to the classic sandwiches to bring to work. Cold or hot, it's still good and it's one of the meals we cook most often in our house. And if you happen to be fond of Pasta Carbonara, then you will definitely love Pizza Carbonara as well!


Pizza dough
1 piece
see the links in the description above, or prepare your favourite dough
Egg yolks
2 pieces
Heavy cream (32% fat)
50 ml
you can use any fat sour cream you have - plain, fermented or heavy whipping cream
Salt and pepper
0.5 tsp
Garlic cloves
1 piece
or 0.5 tsp garlic powder
Yellow cheese
200 g
or mozzarella, also I recommend combining it with a bit of grated parmesan
200 g
bacon is very good, but I prefer smoked ham or something a bit fattier

Step by step

Step 1

Of course, you start by making the pizza dough. 

I like both: 

- the classic yeast dough, or 

- the quick no yeast dough

Pizza Carbonara - Step 1
Step 2

In a bowl, mix together 2 egg yolks with the sour cream, the garlic, a pinch of salt and ground pepper.

Pizza Carbonara - Step 2
Step 3

This sauce is usually enough for 2 pizzas, counting 1 yolk per pizza. 

Put some of this mixture on the pizza dough. 

Pizza Carbonara - Step 3
Step 4

Spread the yellow cheese on top, covering it completely. 

Pizza Carbonara - Step 4
Step 5

Over the cheese, arrange the thin long pieces of ham. 

You can establish the amounts for the topping depending on your likes and needs. 

Pizza Carbonara - Step 5
Step 6

Cook the pizza for 20-30 minutes in the heated oven to 200 degrees C

Serve hot and let yourself be amazed by the wonderful taste. 


Pizza Carbonara - Step 6
Quantity: 2 pieces (2 pizza)
Prep time: 60 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 60 min
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