Homemade Pretzels

Homemade Pretzels

Because my little Maria is more or less addicted to pretzels, which can be bought from any pastry shop in the town, I thought I should try a homemade pretzels recipe. And it was worth it, of course - the pretzels were very tasty, soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Everybody congratulated me and they all enjoyed the pretzels, so I think it's a good idea to make them at home, rather than buy them.

I was surprised by the dough, which is easy and quick to work, I could shape it without any trouble or stress. Not so very good looking at first, the next ones were exemplary and looked like real stars.

Also, you can skip the egg white anytime to get vegetarian pretzels, so delicious and fluffly.


Warm water
250 ml
3 tbsp
you can adjust to your preferences
Active dry yeast
10 g
or 20-25g fresh yeast
1 tsp
+ bigger salt flakes for decor, optional
Vegetable oil
80 ml
White flour
450 g
Baking soda
3 tbsp
Egg whites
1 piece
skip for the vegetarian pretzels
Sesame/poppy seeds
2 tbsp
for decor

Step by step

Step 1

First, I recommend dissolving the yeast in 250ml warm water and 3 tbsp sugar. Mix well and let stand for 10 minutes until it starts to make a light foam.

Homemade Pretzels - Step 1
Step 2

Meanwhile, mix flour with 1 tsp salt.

Homemade Pretzels - Step 2
Step 3

Now pour in the yeast mixture and the oil. 

Homemade Pretzels - Step 3
Step 4

Stir well, usind a spatula or a spoon at first, so that your hands don't get very dirty.

Homemade Pretzels - Step 4
Step 5

When all the ingredients are blended, turn dough onto floured table and knead for 2 more minutes.

Homemade Pretzels - Step 5
Step 6

Shape a ball and let rest for 10 minutes in a bowl or on the table.

Homemade Pretzels - Step 6
Step 7

After this time, knead for 2-3 minutes more, to make sure the dough is completely uniform.

Homemade Pretzels - Step 7
Step 8

Then let rest for another 20 minutes.

Homemade Pretzels - Step 8
Step 9

Now dough is very soft and easy to mould. 

Cut in 8 equal parts from which we will shape 8 pretzels.

Homemade Pretzels - Step 9
Step 10

We shape the homemade pretzels like this:

- take each piece of dough and roll with your palms into a thin rope, approximately 8mm-1cm in diameter; 

Homemade Pretzels - Step 10
Step 11

- Then make a U-shape with the rope;

Homemade Pretzels - Step 11
Step 12

- Take the upper ends of the rope, cross them over each other and bring them to the bottom of the U in the shape of a pretzel.

Homemade Pretzels - Step 12
Step 13

I recommend shaping 4 pretzels at first. Let rise on the table for about 20 minutes. 

Don't shape the other 4 yet, leave them for now.

Homemade Pretzels - Step 13
Step 14

While the pretzels are rising, prepare 3l water and 3 tbsp baking soda in a pot and bring to a boil.

Homemade Pretzels - Step 14
Step 15

Then carefully lift up each pretzel, and sink in the boiling water for 20-30 seconds. 

Advice - you can lift the pretzels more easily if you grab them at the bottom of the U and secure the "feet" with your fingers.

Homemade Pretzels - Step 15
Step 16

You can remove the hot pretzels using a large skimmer. 

Place pretzels in the baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Adjust the shape with the fingers now, if needed.

Homemade Pretzels - Step 16
Step 17

After boiling the first 4 pretzels, quickly brush some egg white on top. 

Skip this step for the vegetarian recipe.

Homemade Pretzels - Step 17
Step 18

Spread over salt flakes, sesami, poppy or other seeds, according to your likes.

Homemade Pretzels - Step 18
Step 19

Bake in preaheated oven to 200 degrees C until dark golden brown in colour, about 20 minutes. 

Don't rush to remove too early - they have to have a darker brown colour, this is how you make sure they are crispy on the outside. 

While the first 4 pretzels are baking, repeat with the next 4: shape, boil, brush and decorate, using a different baking sheet.

Homemade Pretzels - Step 19
Step 20

Here I wanted to take a picture of the inside: it's fluffy and soft. 

These homemade pretzels are wonderful, you should definitely try them. 


Homemade Pretzels - Step 20
Quantity: 8 pieces (8 covrigi mari)
Prep time: 40 min
Difficulty: intermediate
Ready in: 60 min
Publish date:

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