Courgette Homemade Bread

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Courgette Homemade Bread

A very good, fluffy, airy bread, with a slightly moist core - I made the recipe more for my little girl, who doesn't eat much vegetables, instead she likes bread. I found that it is really delicious, I will definitely make it, it is not only very good but also healthy - I used a mixture of several types of flour - rye, black, white, flax seeds (source of omega-3) and sesame calcium source) ground.


450 g
1 tbsp
All-Purpose Flour
600 g
I used 300g white flour, the rest a mixture of various flours.
Bakers yeast
25 g
1 tsp
Olive oil
2 tbsp
200 ml

Step by step

Step 1

 Shred the zucchini through a larger grater, mix with salt and leave for 30 minutes.

Courgette Homemade Bread - Step 1
Step 2

Mix the warm water with yeast and sugar.

Courgette Homemade Bread - Step 2
Step 3

The well drained zucchini is added to the yeast mixture. Add flour and knead a sticky and soft dough.

Courgette Homemade Bread - Step 3
Step 4

To knead it better, take it out of the bowl where you mixed it with flour. If it is too sticky, add white flour.

Courgette Homemade Bread - Step 4
Step 5

Leave to rise for 1 hour.

Courgette Homemade Bread - Step 5
Step 6

Grease the cake trays with a little oil, put the dough in them, so that half of the tray is filled. Let it rise until the tray is full.

Courgette Homemade Bread - Step 6
Step 7

Put them in the oven, over medium heat, until well browned.

Courgette Homemade Bread - Step 7
Step 8

Remove the bread from the pans and let it cool well.

Good appetite!

Courgette Homemade Bread - Step 8
Quantity: 2 kg (2 medium loaves)
Prep time: 90 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 70 min
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