Low Carb Rissoles, No Bread or Breadcrumbs

Low Carb Rissoles, No Bread or Breadcrumbs

Since the low carb diet, I had to rethink many classic recipes and the low carb rissoles recipe was one of the first notable results. It's not super-fantastic, I just took the bread and the breadcrumbs out the original recipe and I played with other ingredients - not too much, but enough to get a successful result, tasting like my mom's food.

I'm going to tell you from the start that, as you can also see from the recipe below, I always make double amount of rissoles. I like to freeze 1-2 bags, so that I have them at hand when there is no time to cook something more sophisticated for dinner or lunch.


Pork meat
1 kg
can be combined with beef/veal
Pork fat
300 g
1 piece
2 pieces
1 tbsp
Ground black pepper
0.25 tsp
20 g
Olive oil
30 ml

Step by step


I always prefer to know the exact percentage of fat from the minced meat - this is why I weigh the fat separately, then add it to the meat afterwards. I recommend doing so, because this is the secret for soft and tender meatballs. 

Here I used pork butt, fat and onion.


Cut into medium-sized pieces to fit in the meat grinder.


Grind the chunks of meat using the fine mincing plate.

In order to get perfect meatballs, a meat grinder is compulsory - the meat bought from the store already ground (of uncertain quality and with cartilage in it) won't be good enough for excellent meatballs. Mine is 12 years old and was worth the investment.


Then add the eggs, salt and ground black pepper to the meat.


Mix everything well by hand, until it becomes uniform, smooth and even a bit pasty.


Take a fistful of meat and pass it from one hand to the other. 

Tip! While forming the meatballs, it's really useful to dip your hands in water from time to time.


Now throw the meatball from one hand to the other, to make sure it's uniform - see the picture.


When it looks like this, compress it with your palms and give it a round or an elongated shape (just like my mom, I prefer the meatballs a bit elongated).


I recommend forming some meatballs and arranging them on a cutting board/plate sprinkled with a little water or greased with oil.


Heat up the frying pan with olive oil and a small piece of butter in it.


When butter melts, place meatballs in the pan and cook over medium heat until brown.


When brown on one side, flip meatballs with a spatula and cook on the other side as well.


As they are ready, arrange meatballs on a tray or a big plate - but not too crammed together. Notice how I placed them in rows, and not one over the other. 

Let cool completely, then they can be transfered to smaller spaces, like a food container or a bag.


I carefully gather with a spatula the left bits and I throw them away. 

In the same frying pan I place the next round of meatballs. I don't add any more oil in the pan, as they are fatty enough.


As I was saying before, I like to cook double amount of meatballs and, in order to be quicker, I use 2 large pans for frying. 

Meatballs can also be baked in the oven, but I think they won't be as tender and juicy. For example, my mom cooks them in the oven, on the pan lined with baking paper - but it's her oven which makes meatballs brown quickly and doesn't dry them off. Even though I have a fancy oven, I still couldn't find how to bake meatballs quickly and without drying them off.


And the meatballs which will go in the freezer. I really like to have a reliable stock in my freezer.


Now you can serve them with mustard, horseradish, a basic salad, pickles or any other side dish you prefer. They are super tasty, tender and juicy. 


Quantity: 25 pieces
Prep time: 60 min
Difficulty: intermediate
Ready in: 60 min
Publish date:

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