Carb-Free and Gluten-Free Granola, Low Carb

Carb-Free and Gluten-Free Granola, Low Carb

We never buy granola, I prefer to prepare it myself or consume simple cereal, rather than a cereal mix. I don't even want to mention the questionable combinations, full of sugar, E numbers and other additives. This granola recipe, although low carb, will have a better taste and consistency than any other classic one - it's very tasty, filling, flavourful and balanced.

For a while now, it's become a habit of ours for breakfast or dinner to have a small bowl of yogurt combined with this homemade granola and 1 tsp of honey or favourite jam. I keep it in a sealed jar and I can't wait to try another interesting trifle recipe. 

You can also improvise a more classic version if you replace the sweetener with any sugar you like - brown, coconut sugar etc. You can make vegan granola if you replace the butter with coconut oil or other vegetable oil and the egg white with a little water.


1 cup
or 140g, here I replaced them with Brazil nuts
1 cup
or 150g
1 cup
or 115g, you can use the classic walnuts instead
Pumpkin seeds
50 g
Sunflower seeds kernels
50 g
Flax seeds
75 g
preferably, try to look for gold flaxseed, whole or ground
Natural sweeteners
6 tbsp
I used GreenSugar, you can use any other one you prefer or sugar
Melted butter
50 g
for the vegan recipe, replace with coconut/ avocado/ almond oil or any other oil free of smell
Egg whites
1 piece
for the vegan recipe, pour in 0.5 cup water instead
Vanilla Extract
1 tbsp

Step by step


For this recipe, you will need a food processor to chop/grind the nuts. I use the S-blade classic one.

First, place the hazelnuts, almonds and Pecan nuts in the food processor, pulse a bit just to break the nuts into not very small chunks.


Add in the sunflower and the pumpkin seeds, pulse again for a bit.


Now the sweetener.


And the linseed (flaxseed) flour - I ground the lindseed in advance using a small coffee grinder, then added to the food processor.

Mix everything together again for a bit.


Finally, pour in the melted butter, the egg white and vanilla extract.


Pulse again a few times until all the ingredients start to come together. 

If you notice it gets stuck to the walls of the bowl, use a spatula to spread the mixture along the bottom of the bowl, then pulse again until the mixture is uniform and sticky.


Tip the mixture into a large baking sheet. Spread evenly into a thin layer covering the whole surface and press lightly with the spoon.


Bake in the preheated oven to 180 degrees C for 15-20 minutes.

Depending on the oven, time may vary - it browns pretty fast, so take care, it might get burnt. After baking, remove the sheet from the oven, carefully stir with a spatula and let sit in the sheet until completely cooled.


Then serve and enjoy - it is delicious, we have granola with yogurt or any type of milk - classic or plant milk.

Children also add to the yogurt their favourite jam, honey, fruit or low carb jam. 


Quantity: 750 g
Prep time: 30 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 30 min
Publish date:

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