Russian Honey Cake - Medovik

Russian Honey Cake - Medovik

This cake is always successful on any festive occasion. It melts in your mouth and it's a perfect combination of honey flavored dough and sour cream. If you add some nuts and prunes ... I assure you there will be none left for the next day.

I have been making this cake recipe for almost twelve years, since I found it in an old Soviet newspaper in my grandmother's closet. I recommend it with confidence!

Important! Follow all the steps and the little tips to be 100% successful. Also, you'll find a picture of the cake section in the last step.


2 pieces
1 cup
for the dough
60 g
2 tbsp
Baking soda
1.5 tsp
White flour
3.5 cups
Sour Cream(20%)
1.5 l
2 cups
for the cream
Chopped walnuts
200 g
and prunes or pitted sour cherries, optional

Step by step


In a saucepan or heat-resistant bowl beat the eggs. Add sugar, butter and honey, mix with a spoon.


Place the pan over a bain-marie. Stir periodically for 15 min.


During these 15 minutes, the butter, sugar and honey will melt. Remove the pan from the bain-marie and add baking soda. Mix well and put it back over the bain-marie.


Stir slowly and continuously for five minutes, until the mixture gets double in volume.


Add flour and knead.


If the dough seems too soft, add half a glass of flour. Keep the dough in a warm place or covered with a towel while it sits, otherwise the honey and sugar will harden and it will be difficult to work with it.


Cut about seven pieces (balls) from this dough. Make sure you keep the rest warm while you work each sheet.


Spread each ball out into a round sheet. It should be thin, about 1.5mm.


Arrange the sheet into a round pan. Use a glass lid or round plate to give a round shape. I used a 30cm pan lid.


Cut around with a knife and remove the extra dough. You won't be using it anymore so you can discard (it will harden so much that you won't be able to work with it). Should the dough harden and you cannot work it - heat a little in the microwave or on the bain-marie and knead well (grease your hands with butter or milk).


Cook each sheet until brown. Here you have to be very quick - by the time you spread out and prepare the next sheet, the first will be almost done.


In this way, cook all the cake sheets (there are six or seven). It takes about an hour and a half, including the kneading.


Combine the sour cream with the sugar. Whisk well with the mixer until the sugar dissolves and the cream stays on the spoon, it mustn't be runny. If it's still runny, add whipped cream stabilizer - two sachets to one liter of sour cream and beat a little more.


Spread the cake sheets with sour cream. You can sprinkle with chopped walnuts and pieces of prunes. Use plenty of cream, about three or four tablespoons per sheet, it will be much tastier. Just make sure you have enough for all the sheets.


This is what the cake looks like now. Then, keep in the fridge for five to eight hours, overnight. Reserve some sour cream for the next day, to smooth out.


On the next day, remove from the fridge. Spread with cream, smooth out with a knife. You can trim the edges if needed, now it's soft and you can shape it as you want.


I went for the simple option. I just spread the top and the sides with plenty of cream.


Over low heat, melt a little dark chocolate with 50g of butter, until it's runny.


With a spoon, I sprinkled with melted chocolate over the cake. Then I refrigerated for another two or three hours.


Here is the cake section, I barely managed to take a picture of it :)

It was so good that there was none left for the next day. I recommend you try it, it will surely be a success!


Quantity: 2 kg (12 servings)
Prep time: 60 min
Difficulty: expert
Ready in: 120 min
Publish date:
Collections: Cakes, Desserts

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