Apples Yeast Pies

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Apples Yeast Pies

I can't wait for the summer apples to appear, and now I can finally show you my favorite apple baking recipe - the apples yeast pies. The dough that is worth trying and considered for any sweet baking with yeast, it is fluffy, fragrant and very fragile. The filling can be apple or any other favorite - I also made jam and sweet cheese - in all cases they were eaten with delicious.
I recommend you make them, they are super delicious, soft, fluffy and fragrant.


White flour
500 g
1 tsp
150 ml
80 g
for the dough
2 pieces
+ 1 egg to grease the pies
50 g
soft butter at room temperature
Sunflower oil
4 tbsp
Active dry yeast
1.5 tsp
0.25 tsp
Vanilla Extract
1 tbsp
1 kg
150 g
here is the sugar for apples, the above is for the dough

Step by step


The apples are washed, cleaned and cut into small cubes. Then put them in a deep pan or cauldron, add 3-4 tablespoons of water, 100-200g of sugar (to taste put the sugar) and let it simmer and lower the water and soften the apples.


After the water has evaporated and the apples have softened well, turn off the heat and let them cool until the dough is ready. You can add cinnamon to your liking.


Heat 75 ml of milk, dissolve honey in it. Be careful not to let the milk get too hot.


Add 100g of flour and 1.5 teaspoons of yeast. Mix well with your hands or a spoon.


Mix well so that they are not lumpy, possibly make a ball with a little flour. I didn't get complicated and I left it like that, like a mayo.


Let the mayonnaise grow well for 30 minutes and some air bubbles appear in it.


Then you can make the dough in the bread machine or just knead it with your hands.

Add eggs, sugar, stir to incorporate well.


Then add the rest of the ingredients - butter, oil, remaining milk, salt, vanilla. Mix well with a spoon or whisk.


Here I added the flour at the end and kneaded the dough.


The dough will be more sticky, you can put it on the table with a little flour and form a ball out of it. I usually leave it for 30 minutes and then with my hands oiled I knead it a little more, and I leave it for another 30 minutes.

So in total you let him rest for 1 hour.


This is how it grows after 1 hour.


Remove the dough from the table and knead it a little with flour.


Divide the dough into 16 uniform pieces.


Form balls from these pieces and let them rest for 10 minutes.


Then spread each ball in the shape of rectangles and place the apple filling on one edge.


Then take the edges covered by the filling and close it, lightly press with your fingers the edges to stick well.


Cut the remaining part into thin pieces and place them over the first part with the filling.


Place the Parisians thus formed in a tray greased with oil, grease them on top with a well beaten egg and let them rise a little for 15 minutes.


Bake them in the oven, the temperature of 180-200 degrees, until they brown well. Then take them out, let them cool a bit and take them with a spatula from the tray.

Serve hot or cold.

Good appetite!

Quantity: 1 kg (16 pieces)
Prep time: 60 min
Difficulty: intermediate
Ready in: 90 min
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