Pickled Cucumbers

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Pickled Cucumbers

For now, I said to put this cucumber recipe in vinegar (to have it for next year - you see that I also use the site, I haven't written the recipes in my notebook for a long time, I have them all here - I think they are even successful, crunchy, sour - only after me in the future I add a little more sugar - I like things to be sweeter with vinegar. I definitely insisted on making cucumbers like this to prepare beef salad in the winter, now I'm going to make some pickled gogonele and maybe some donuts in vinegar.

In any recipe I recommend you to be careful what water you use but especially this is very important for pickle recipes. The water must be clean, free of impurities and chlorine.

So, I forgot to mention that I took the recipe from the chefs' website , I looked at it since it appeared.


5 kg
24 pieces
5 pieces
1 l
3 l
4 tbsp
8 tbsp
Laurel leaves
10 pieces
Whole black pepper
2 tbsp
Mustard seeds
12 tsp
1 teaspoon to each jar
Bloomed dill
1 piece
i.e. 1-2 bundles

Step by step


Cucumbers and jars are washed. Put a few sprigs of dried dill in each jar. It is perfect to cut it with scissors into smaller pieces.


Then arrange the cucumbers as efficiently as possible, put the garlic, shake well to settle.


After filling the jars with cucumbers, put the horseradish - clean each root and cut into 4-5 pieces long. In each jar put 2-3 pieces of horseradish from the prepared ones.


Fill the jars well, as efficiently as possible - I recommend the larger cucumbers to put them at the bottom, leave the smaller ones to fill the remaining small spaces.


On top put 1 teaspoon of mustard seeds, 1 bay leaf and a few black peppercorns.


Pour filtered and clean water into a pot.

Here I used filtered water with the Brita cup from Kitchenshop .


Add the vinegar, salt and sugar to the water, mix well and put the brine on the fire until it starts to boil well.


Pour the hot brine over the cucumbers in the jars.


Close tightly with lids, making sure the jars are full of brine.


We take a large pot of 15 liters - I recommend choosing one that is as wide and not very high. I keep it sore to sterilize the turrets with jars.

If you do not have a large pot, make 2-3 turns in a smaller one.

Be sure to spread a towel on the bottom.


Put the jars in it, pour the water so that it does not reach about 2 cm to the lids and put it on the fire.

When it starts to boil, lower the heat and leave for 15 minutes.


You will notice that after this time the cucumbers change their color.

Now turn off the heat and leave the jars in the water until they cool completely.


Then take them out of the water, check once again that they are tightly closed and stored in the pantry.


They are perfect, crunchy, sweet-sour, in about a month you can already open and consume them.

Be sure to put the jar in the fridge before serving, so they will be even more crunchy and refreshing.

Good appetite!

Quantity: 11 pieces (12 jars of 780 ml)
Prep time: 30 min
Difficulty: intermediate
Ready in: 60 min
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Collections: Canning

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