MicrowaveTupperware Rice

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MicrowaveTupperware Rice

Today I also give the recipe for rice cooked in Tupperware Rice Maker and tomorrow we will move on to other dishes that we prepared for you last week.

I admit, I don't really like to boil rice - in order to make it very good, not to be sticky, scraped, you have to be very careful and know all the rules of boiling rice, although it seems simple - there are many details to follow . After seeing this microwave rice cooker, I said it would be one of the first kitchen utensils I would get from Tupperware. In 20 minutes, without any dirt, everything was simple and fast, I had a very good rice, fluffy and cooked exactly as it should be.


1 cup
2 cups
1 tsp
to taste

Step by step

Step 1

This is the smart dish for cooking rice, it's like a bowl with 2 lids.

MicrowaveTupperware Rice - Step 1
Step 2

Wash the rice if necessary - put it in the rice cooker (rice bowl).

MicrowaveTupperware Rice - Step 2
Step 3

Add water (not more than the maximum gradation indicated on the bowl).

MicrowaveTupperware Rice - Step 3
Step 4

Close the jar tightly with the yellow lid.

MicrowaveTupperware Rice - Step 4
Step 5

Then with the blue cover.

MicrowaveTupperware Rice - Step 5
Step 6

Put in the microwave at 800W for 18-20 minutes depending on the type of rice.

MicrowaveTupperware Rice - Step 6
Step 7

After removing it from the microwave, leave it for another 5 minutes only with the blue lid, remove the yellow one.

After this time you have a perfect rice for any food and garnish.

Good appetite!

MicrowaveTupperware Rice - Step 7
Quantity: 500 g (6-7 servings)
Prep time: 20 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 5 min
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