Chicken Soup with Rice and Vegetables

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Chicken Soup with Rice and Vegetables

Every housewife has a dish that she makes with her eyes closed, even in moments of maximum fatigue - it's as if she moves her hands alone and does what she needs to do, without moving her mind.

That soup is actually my personal method of making soup, I can change the type of meat (respectively the cooking time), instead of rice I can put noodles, etc. But for a start, follow exactly the recipe to see what the taste should look like and then start the variations.

When my father eats this soup, he says that "it's like my mother's" (meaning grandmother), my sister says "it's like my sister's soup".

It's very good, easy to prepare - I really recommend you try it.


Chicken meat
500 g
White onion
2 pieces
Bell pepper
1 piece
2 pieces
1 piece
2 tbsp
Borsch/Lemon juice
1 cup
if you don't have a good, verified sour borscht - better squeeze the juice from half a lemon
Laurel leaves
2 pieces
Fresh parsley
1 bunch
I used chopped frozen parsley
1 tbsp

Step by step


The meat is washed well and boiled in about 2 liters of water.


When it starts to boil, gather the foam, add an onion cut into medium pieces, the julienned pepper and 2 bay leaves.

If you have lean chicken (chicken breast), no fat, now add 2-3 tablespoons of sunflower oil to the soup - it's a tip learned from a lady I once hosted. It will give a perfect taste to the soup and will make it more aesthetic (you no longer have to fry the soup, the oil will boil and will have about the same effect).

Let the meat simmer slowly, over low heat - about 1 hour if it is tender and about 2 if it is country or other type (check that it is soft, and if you need to boil it).


During this time, clean and wash the potatoes, carrots and prepare the rest of the ingredients:

- Cut the potatoes into cubes


So are carrots.


The rice is washed, but if you use favorite rice you don't have to wash it anymore.


After the meat is cooked, add the potatoes, carrots and rice to the soup. Mix well, turn the heat up to start boiling.

Then lower the flame to simmer again and leave for about 25-30 minutes - so long the vegetables should boil.


After the vegetables are cooked, add the sour borscht (I usually fit according to our taste, sometimes more sour, sometimes less sour - a lot depends on the purchased borscht), let it boil well for 1-2 minutes, add the salt.


1 onion is finely chopped together with the parsley.


Add the greens and onions immediately after you have added salt, turn off the heat and let the pot of soup covered for about 15-30 minutes, so that all the ingredients and flavors penetrate.


And ready, serve it as you like, maybe even with a little sour cream.

It is a very simple soup, a little sour, aromatic and very delicious.

Good appetite!

Quantity: 3 l (6-7 servings)
Prep time: 90 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 60 min
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