Black Forest Cake

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Black Forest Cake

The "Foret Noire" cake is a classic cake, and at first sight with simple ingredients: cocoa sponge cake, whipped cream and cherries. But now when I have the Fluffy Cocoa Sponge Cake Recipe, verified and very good, it was the perfect time to try this cake.

Cherries can be fresh, frozen, canned or even more beautiful - a cherry-flavored jelly. It comes out refreshing and very soft, delicious.


Heavy cream (32% fat)
1 l
Pitted cherries
500 g
Dark chocolate
20 g
for decoration
Powdered sugar
300 g
Chocolate sponge cake
1 piece

Step by step


In the first step, of course, prepare the Fluffy Chocolate Sponge Cake and let it cool a bit.


Then cut it carefully into 3 sheets about 1 cm thick.


Drain the cherries from the juice (if you use the cherries directly in the cake) or make a cherry jelly (in the compote with fruit add the gelatin according to the instructions on the envelope and heat gently, stirring constantly until it dissolves - then cool, to if caught).


After you have the cherries and the sliced pandispan ready, make the whipped cream: the well-cooled whipped cream (I use only 32% Milli) beat for 2-3 minutes at maximum speed with the mixer, then slowly incorporate the powdered sugar and beat until it thickens well. - when you lift the blades from the mixer you have the tips of the whipped cream fixed, do not let it down.


And we start assembling the cake - newer so as not to soil the plate in which we put the cake, I apply a new method:

- put 2-3 pieces of baking paper to cover the edges of the plate ....


- I assemble the cake without worries and finally I take out the papers - it's a perfect method and you don't have to worry about wiping the plate or moving the cake to another clean one.


So we put the first sheet of pandispan, optionally it can be syruped with cherry liqueur or compote - I left it like this, the pandispan is slightly moist and goes without syrup.

Grease with plenty of whipped cream, to be a thicker layer - put a lot of cherries on top or as you see in the picture pieces of cherry jelly (I took them out with a spoon from the bowl in which it was caught).


In this way, mount the second sheet of pandispan. The last sheet is greased only with whipped cream and garnished according to your preferences.


I greased the edges well with whipped cream and leveled - then I made whipped cream balls with the garnish and I grated the dark chocolate on top.


I think the section is quite representative, I assure you that the taste is just right - a very fine cake, tasty, soft, aromatic - so perfect :)

Good appetite!

Quantity: 1500 g (10-12 servings)
Prep time: 60 min
Difficulty: intermediate
Ready in: 60 min
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