Green Pea Stew with Meat

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Green Pea Stew with Meat

I think it is one of the most popular and simplest recipes. But still, small details matter that will transform it from a common food into a delicious one and, by the way, very appreciated by children. I don't understand why, but most kids love green peas - I use them at the moment and put some more meat there to complete our and Sofia's diet.


Beef meat
500 g
or other meat you prefer
Frozen green peas
1 kg
White onion
1 piece
1 piece
Tomato paste
1 tbsp
Sunflower oil
50 ml
Salt and pepper
1 tsp
add to taste
1 tsp

Step by step


The meat is washed and cut into medium pieces, diced about 1.5 cm.

Heat the oil in a saucepan or chop, add the meat and cook until lightly browned.


Then add diced onions and carrots. Stir and cook for another 5 minutes.


Add the tomato paste, mix and leave for another 2 minutes.


Now go frozen peas, leave it for about 5-6 minutes on low heat to thaw (add a little water to boil there and it will thaw faster).


When it has completely thawed, add enough water to cover all the food, when it starts to boil, make a low heat and leave it until the meat is ready. I leave it for at least an hour no matter what kind of meat I put, it will taste better and more complete.


After the meat is done and the peas are well cooked, add salt, pepper and paprika to taste.

I know that many of you tend to put a lot of spices, but be careful not to overdo it - add 2-3 flavors.


Optionally, if you want a more consistency of food sauce you can make a kind of flour mixture with water and with it you will have a better sauce.

So, put 1 tablespoon of flour in 100ml of water - mix well with a whisk.


Add this mixture to the food and mix well. Notice that it will immediately change its texture, the sauce becomes a little thicker.

I put this optional mixture, if it boils more, the pea itself forms a good and thick sauce - if you want to help it, pour a little flour with water.

Let the food boil and ready, turn off the heat.


Serve hot food, and if the meat is not fatty even cold.

In the vegetarian and fasting version (or as a garnish) omit the step with meat - so cook the onion and carrot and go the same way.

Good appetite!

Quantity: 1500 g (6-7 servings)
Prep time: 60 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 20 min
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