Crepes Rolls with Tuna and Lettuce

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Crepes Rolls with Tuna and Lettuce

An absolutely delicious appetizer, I really liked them when I tasted them on someone's visit and I didn't calm down until I took pictures of you too.

It combines perfectly the crepes with lettuce, cream cheese and tuna - if you also have the crepes made in time, it is also a super fast, special and good-looking appetizer.


5 pieces
make them according to your favorite recipe
Canned tuna
300 g
1 piece
5-6 large leaves or about 10 smaller ones
Philadelphia cream cheese
150 g

Step by step


Make pancakes, use any recipe you prefer - you can also find many on the site.


Put a table pancake, grease it well with cream cheese - insist more in the middle, about 1 cm from the edges you can not grease.


Put the salad leaves, then the tuna over them - see in the picture how.


Start running well and tight.


After you have finished rolling, cut both edges of the roll - about 2 cm on each side.


The remaining part will actually be the one that reaches the plateau - cut the oblique roll in half. This way you have 2 smaller rolls that you put on the plate.

See the following picture.


In this way you make the other pancakes, arrange the rolls on the plate and decorate with greenery.

The part with the oblique cut is important to have the most beautiful and tzuguiate rolls.

And ready, serve them and enjoy yourself with great pleasure ...

Good appetite!

Quantity: 10 pieces (one medium plate)
Prep time: 20 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 30 min
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Collections: Appetizers

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