Sugar-Free Plum Jam

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Sugar-Free Plum Jam

When I posted the plum jam recipe, someone asked me about a sugar-free plum jam recipe. To be honest, I never tasted it and I thought it was something dietetic and sour, I wasn't too tempted to try it. But, I had received as a gift a small jar of sugar-free plum jam, and I was very impressed by the taste, texture, aroma - wonderful!

Since then we only buy sugar-free plum jam from the supermarket, from the organic one - on a slice of wholemeal bread it is a perfect and very delicious dessert.

Now I gathered a large bucket of plums from the garden and the only thought was this delicious jam, I knew I had to be patient and boil it a lot, so it was, I even boiled it for 2 days each a little - but it was worth it. I came out very good, a little sour, fragrant and perfect texture / color.

So, be patient to boil it, even more than 4--5 hours, in 2 days if you do not have time to sit next to it for a day. If you boil it less, a very sour plum jam will come out and you will say that it didn't come out and you don't know why.


7 kg
approximate amount, choose sweet, small and very ripe plums

Step by step


I picked the plums and because they were not soft I let them ripen better for 2 days.


Then they washed and removed the seeds and I put them in a larger pot with a thick bottom.


I added 1 glass of water and boiled them, stirring periodically.


This is how they will have the texture in half an hour, leave the juice and start boiling like a normal jam.

Next I will show you how the texture and color change during cooking - don't forget that the jam must be boiled over a low heat and mixed periodically, less often at the beginning and more and more often when it thickens.


In an hour and a half.


After 3 hours of boiling.


After 4 and a half hours.


And because I didn't have time to boil it, I put out the fire and covered the pot with a gauze (mandatory! Not with a lid!).


On the 2nd day I took out the gauze and I noticed that the magiun thickened, had better taste and texture. So even without fire under it, the preparation process continued and the extra steam evaporated through gauze.

I boiled it again, on a very low heat and stirring more and more often in it.


And so on for another 4 hours.

It is ready when it becomes dense, with an intense brown color and if you put a spoon standing in the cauldron it stays straight and does not leave at all.

The final amount was 3 kg of magic for me, it decreased more than half of the volume.


Put it in dry and clean jars, close tightly with lids.


Here you notice the color and texture, I got a little more glossy picture, the real color is a darker brown.

It is worth making, it is tasty, dietary and economical (you do not have to buy sugar) - the only thing is to be patient and boil it as much as possible.

Good appetite!

Quantity: 3 kg
Prep time: 300 min
Difficulty: intermediate
Ready in: 60 min
Publish date:
Collections: Canning

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