Cherries and Cream Crepes

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Cherries and Cream Crepes

A beautiful and tasty way to serve crepes at a special table. In fact, that's how I learned to assemble them from home, it's one of my favorite desserts at any festive meal and you see it's not complicated at all.

You can also fill the crepes with other fruits preserves - cherries, strawberries, etc. - but of course cherries are the tastiest in such a combination.

For a small plate, 4 pancakes are enough for such an assembly, the bigger the presentation plate, the more sets of 4 pancakes to make.


8 pieces
any recipe you prefer, there are several on the site
Pitted cherries
300 g
fresh, frozen, compote or jam
Heavy cream (32% fat)
1 cup
for whipped cream, but you can also make a simple sour cream + sugar + vanilla
Powdered sugar
100 g

Step by step


Prepare the pancakes according to your favorite recipes. I usually freeze them and I have them at hand when I don't feel like cooking and doing something fast and good.

When I'm not complicated, I make pancakes according to my old recipe , they are good and simple.

You also have Tupperware pancakes , and those with wholemeal flour , or with semolina.


From the first 3 pancakes make 3 simple rolls with cherries.

So, arrange the fruits nicely on the edge of the pancake.


And roll tight.


So you do all 3, then arrange them one on top of the other, in the shape of a pyramid - 2 down, 1 up - and put them over the pancake no. 4, the one without cherries.

And roll a large pancake, consisting of 3 small ones inside.


That's what it will look like.

I would recommend making at least 2 rolls of these thick, ie 8 pancakes - it will be a larger plate or 2 small ones.


Cut the roll into pieces about 1.5 cm thick.

Leave the edges aside, for the most hurried and greedy - use only the other rolls for the arrangement.


Place the small rolls with the section up on the plate. Simple and effective, right?

Next you can garnish them with whipped cream, beaten according to the method here .

Or make a more liquid cream from plain cream with sugar and vanilla, and pour it like a sauce over pancakes.


For the effect you can sprinkle a little coconut.

Good appetite!

Quantity: 500 g
Prep time: 15 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 60 min
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