Homemade Marzipan Candies, Vegan and Low-Carb

Homemade Marzipan Candies, Vegan and Low-Carb

I really liked working with homemade marzipan on the Stollen recipe, then I said to improvise some candies like Mozart, but adapted to our tastes and preferences. This time I chose to make marzipan without raw egg whites, I replaced it with water and it was just as good, in addition, vegan or fasting. Then I replaced the powdered sugar with powdered sweetener (based on stevia and erythritol), and some fine, fasting and low-carb candies came out!

If you use plain powdered sugar, it will be the classic candies, so put what you like and prefer. I was surprised by the success of these candies in my children, they really appreciated them and did not stop eating.

I prepared them simple, but you can fill them with hazelnuts / almonds, candied cranberries or dense chocolate ganache. Anyway, they are delicious and don't hesitate to try them!


Almond flour
300 g
you can combine it with other favorite ground nuts
Powdered sugar
200 g
in the low-carb version use a fine powder sweetener
90 ml
Vanilla Extract
1 tbsp
or other favorite flavors, aromatic liqueur, etc
Dark chocolate
200 g
whatever you like, preferably 70%

Step by step


Put almond flour in a bowl, add sugar or powdered sweetener and mix well with a spoon.


Pour water and vanilla essence, plus other flavors if desired.


First mix the whole composition with a spoon.


Then with your hands, until it becomes like a uniform dough, soft and non-sticky - like a plasticine.


I divided this amount of marzipan into 2 bars and left them in the fridge until I had time to shape candies from them (you can work them immediately). They can be stored in the refrigerator for a month, so you can make more marzipan in time.

In addition, I noticed that after sitting in the fridge, the sugar / sweetener powder dissolves better in marzipan, so it tastes even better.


I took the first stick and cut it into cubes of about 1.5 cm.


And I modeled from them uniform and smooth balls.

Here you can put in the middle some hazelnuts / almonds, cranberries, ganache cubes, etc.


Melt the dark chocolate on a steam bath or microwave.

Pass the marzipan balls through the chocolate.


Carefully remove them with a fork and slowly shake off the excess melted chocolate.


Arrange them carefully on a tray or tray lined with baking paper. I handle them very easily if I use 2 forks.

Then put them in the fridge for 2-3 hours, or more.


They are really unexpectedly good, they surprised us and we will definitely repeat them for Christmas.

Good appetite!

Quantity: 50 pieces
Prep time: 60 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 30 min
Publish date:

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