Pickled Pepper in Vinegar

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Pickled Pepper in Vinegar

I have been making pickled peppers in this way for 3 years now, and they are exactly as they should be - spicy, crunchy - although we are not big fans of pickles in vinegar, they are indispensable in Romanian Beef Salad. So every year I make sure I have my own production of cucumbers and peppers in vinegar, at least 10 jars each. By the way, the cucumbers made according to this recipe are the same, very delicious and tasty, now we put some green tomatoes, cauliflower and red cabbage, let's see how they will be.


Round of hungary peppers
5 kg
or simple red peppers - for about 14 jars
1 l
9% vinegar
3.8 l
Pickling salt(no iodine)
10 tbsp
25 tbsp
Mustard seeds
14 tsp
1 teaspoon per 800ml jar - You can also add black pepper, garlic, celery leaves and horseradish root

Step by step

Step 1

Peppers are washed and cleaned - cut them into suitable slices, be sure to use protective gloves.

Pickled Pepper in Vinegar - Step 1
Step 2

The jars are washed and dried well,

In each add 1 teaspoon of mustard seeds.

Pickled Pepper in Vinegar - Step 2
Step 3

And start filling the jars with the slices of donuts.

Don't forget to add a piece of horseradish root, garlic, celery leaves (I haven't put them now) and optionally the cauliflower bouquets.

Pickled Pepper in Vinegar - Step 3
Step 4

Continue like this until you fill all the jars.

I usually make 10 jars + 1 box for quick consumption.

Pickled Pepper in Vinegar - Step 4
Step 5

In a saucepan of at least 5 liters, mix the water with the vinegar, salt and sugar.

Let it boil.

Pickled Pepper in Vinegar - Step 5
Step 6

Pour the hot marinade into jars and immediately put the lids on.

Pickled Pepper in Vinegar - Step 6
Step 7

Seal well and turn the jars upside down. So it would be good to stay 1-2 days.

Pickled Pepper in Vinegar - Step 7
Step 8

Fill the box with marinade, leave it at room temperature for 2 days then put it in the fridge and you can already enjoy it.

Pickled Pepper in Vinegar - Step 8
Step 9

Here the cucumbers and test jars with gogonele and red cabbage.

Pickled Pepper in Vinegar - Step 9
Step 10

Thanks to the box, I can also show you donuts without jars.

Good appetite!

Pickled Pepper in Vinegar - Step 10
Quantity: 5 kg (14 jars of 800ml)
Prep time: 60 min
Difficulty: intermediate
Ready in: 60 min
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Collections: Canning

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