Soft Glazed Cookies - Pryaniki

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Soft Glazed Cookies - Pryaniki

I have been preparing for a long time to show you the soft cookies that I have been making since I started making sweets at home, around 12-14 years old. The dough is with sour milk (kefir) and oil, meaning handy and cheap ingredients, it was one of the most beloved desserts I hit and of course I was very praised.

Here, of course, I implemented an idea recently seen on the net, to make the dough in cocoa stripes, an optional thing that you can omit of course.


250 ml
250 g
1 piece
+ 1 egg white for the glaze
Sunflower oil
3 tbsp
Baking powder
1 tsp
Cacao powder
2 tbsp
White flour
30 tbsp
Powdered sugar
1 cup

Step by step


In a bowl put the whipped milk, egg, sugar and oil - mix well with a whisk.


Add 4 tablespoons of flour and baking powder, mix.


If you want to make the dough two-tone you will have to divide it into 2 parts - in a small bowl pour 1/3 of the dough, this will be the part with cocoa.


In the large bowl (with white dough) add 16-20 tablespoons of flour and knead a soft, slightly sticky dough.

Even if it sticks to your hands a little, do not add a lot of flour so that the cake is not hard. You will work it with flour on the table.


In the bowl with less dough add 2 tablespoons of cocoa and about 10 tablespoons of flour - knead a soft and slightly sticky dough, but you can work it on the table with flour.


Cut the ball of white dough in half and so we get 3 pieces, 2 white and one brown.


Spread each ball of dough in a round sheet on the table well sprinkled with flour.

Overlap them - to be white + brown + white.


And roll these overlapping sheets.


The roll thus obtained is cut in half along its entire length.


And cut each half of the roll into small pieces about the size of a larger walnut.


From each piece of dough form balls with your hands, be careful not to mix their layers too intensely - easily shaped.

Lightly flatten them and arrange them in an oven tray, bake at 200 degrees for about 10-15 minutes.


While the cake is baking, make the icing quickly - beat the egg whites with an egg white, and add a little powdered sugar.


The cakes should not brown on top, you will look 1-2 on their bottom, and if they are pink they are ready to take out of the oven.

If you keep them too long in the oven they will harden.


As soon as you take them out, put 10 pieces in a deep bowl, put a few tablespoons of icing on top and mix carefully with a tablespoon to distribute the icing evenly over all the pieces.


Carefully place on a plate or tray lined with baking paper and allow to dry.

Repeat the procedure with all the cakes, it is important to do it while they are hot, to harden the icing on them.


It dries pretty quickly, so you can enjoy them over tea / coffee.

Good appetite!

Quantity: 1 kg (2 trays)
Prep time: 30 min
Difficulty: intermediate
Ready in: 30 min
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Collections: Cookies, Desserts

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