Chickpeas with Spinach

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Chickpeas with Spinach

Very successful combination, the soft spinach and the firmer chickpeas combine perfectly. My husband is neither a fan of separate spinach nor chickpeas - but here he was very excited.


300 g
fresh or frozen
Cooked chickpeas
300 g
White onion
1 piece
Garlic cloves
5 pieces
Canned chopped tomatoes
4 tbsp
or tomato puree
Salt and pepper
1 tsp
to taste
Sunflower oil
30 ml

Step by step

Step 1

I used frozen chickpeas boiled according to this method. You can also use canned chickpeas.

Fresh spinach is cleaned, washed and scalded as in steps 1-7 of the Recipe here.

Chickpeas with Spinach - Step 1
Step 2

In a deeper pan, heat the oil and add the finely chopped onion. Leave until it starts to brown slightly.

Chickpeas with Spinach - Step 2
Step 3

Then add the diced tomatoes, stir and leave for another 5 minutes on the fire.

Chickpeas with Spinach - Step 3
Step 4

After this time add the finely chopped garlic, stir and leave for 2 minutes.

Chickpeas with Spinach - Step 4
Step 5

Follow the chopped spinach (chop it as much as you like), stir, leave for 3-4 minutes.

Chickpeas with Spinach - Step 5
Step 6

Last add the chickpeas, season with salt and pepper - simmer together on low heat for about 5 minutes.

Chickpeas with Spinach - Step 6
Step 7

And serve with great pleasure :)

Good appetite!

Chickpeas with Spinach - Step 7
Quantity: 1 kg (3-4 servings)
Prep time: 15 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 15 min
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