Sweet Wheat Berry Pudding - Kutia

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Sweet Wheat Berry Pudding - Kutia

Today is the old-fashioned Christmas Eve, which is celebrated at my parents' house. Last year I showed how I made Braided Bread with my grandmother, now I show you another food that has not been missing in a year since I know myself, namely Christmas, it is about boiled wheat, or Kutia.

So you can make boiled wheat at any time of the year, being whole wheat grain I really recommend this dessert to those who want a balanced diet. You can sweeten and straighten it with whatever you like - sugar, honey, sweetener, walnut, poppy, coconut, vanilla, various essences - all to your liking and taste.

The most common variant that we ate at home with my grandmother was with sugar and nuts - wheat berry boiled for about half a day on the stove, we took a little from there and mixed with sugar and walnuts each in his plate - the most memorable dessert of my childhood.


Wheat berries
500 g
5 tbsp
or any other sweetener you will like
200 g
you can add poppy seeds, coconut, prunes, etc
Vanilla Extract
1 tbsp
or other favorite flavors, is optional

Step by step


Whole wheat is prepared in advance - at home, about a week before, we all sit down and choose wheat for Christmas (not to have dirt, pebbles, etc.).

Now I adapt, I bought clean and well-chosen wheat from the health food store.


The night before Eve, wash well, then let it soak in plenty of water overnight.


Then the water in which he stayed at night drains, move to the pot / tuci and pour a lot of clean water over it, about 1 to 3, you can see in the pot in the picture.


When it starts to boil, make the fire very low and leave it for 3-4 hours, stirring periodically in it.

If you notice that there is not enough water along the way, add more boiling hot water.

I boiled it in a multicooker, on a stew basis for 4 hours, I mixed it 1 time, and it was enough :)


This is what boiled wheat looks like - the grains are cracked, the water is cloudy and dense.

However, the simplest test is to taste it, of course, the beans are boiled but still slightly elastic.


You can mix it in time with sugar, nuts and various flavors. It is just as good and hot and cold.


I recommend roasting the walnuts for 10 minutes in the oven or on the pan. Then crush them a little with the bottom of a cup or glass.


This is what the dessert looks like on the Christmas table, beautifully decorated with plums and nuts.

Cold wheat becomes denser, you can dilute it with a little hot water and make it of the consistency you like.

Good appetite!

Quantity: 1 kg
Prep time: 240 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 360 min
Publish date:

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