Sea Buckthorn in Honey

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Sea Buckthorn in Honey

It's not really a recipe, because it's common to mix sea buckthorn with honey and get the final product. But let me show you my experience and maybe you will find out something new, or suggest to me what other simple and good recipes you make with these miraculous beans.

For several years I was going through the market this season and I noticed sea buckthorn for sale, well, I didn't have the courage to start it until I read how many benefits it has. It is a very important source of vitamin C and A, plus many others (folic acid, potassium, calcium, etc.), a very powerful antioxidant and immune stimulator, helps digestion and transit. And the list goes on ... google it a bit and read more.

I didn't want to heat it and I really liked this idea with honey, so sea buckthorn retains its nutrients, is made quickly and has become my favorite. I put 1 amount of honey in 1 of sea buckthorn and keep it in the fridge, let's see if it doesn't ferment until winter. The slightly astringent, sour taste combined with the aromatic honey is perfect for me - even Maria ate about 3 of these sweet beans and liked them, which can be better for a child, as long as she is not allergic. Be careful to test the children a little, do not give them to eat a lot of sea buckthorn and honey at once.

In addition, I discovered in a discussion on a forum, a mother said that she makes syrup from 1 amount of sea buckthorn juice + 2 amounts of honey, but she doesn't do much because it is possible to ferment, the extra amount of juice freezes her if necessary. mix then winter. So I also made sea buckthorn juice, cold pressed, and frozen for syrup and lemonade (yes, it turns out delicious if you add a little sea buckthorn juice in it).


Sea buckthorn
1 kg
1 kg

Step by step


Be sure to buy clean sea buckthorn and it cooks correctly. It doesn't have to be sticky and juicy, that means it was picked and broken with your hands.

A lady in the market explained to me that it must be picked and cut with scissors, so that the beans do not break when picked.

At home you choose it a little, not to have grass and other extra things in it.


Put it in a larger sieve or pot with holes (for steaming or boiling pasta). Wash it well under running water and let it drain well.


I weighed the honey in a bowl.


Then I add to it sea buckthorn drained well.

Mix carefully with a spoon (preferably made of wood, not metal), so that each bean is greased with honey but does not break them.


Put it in jars, do not fill them completely, leave about 1 cm from the mouth.

I had about 1-7-1.8 liters of mixture.

Put it immediately in the fridge, there and keep it for consumption throughout the winter and beyond.


I also tasted how it is next to a cup of tea, Maria and I really liked it. Dads and Sofi weren't very excited, but they said it tasted good.

I hope it doesn't ferment, if anything I'll update the recipe later.


Here I show you how I put sea buckthorn juice, freshly cold pressed, in plastic cups in the freezer.

In winter we make it fresh syrup with honey and lemonade.


The pulp left after the juice we dried and we try to make sea buckthorn tea. I want to let you know how it will be.

Good appetite!

Quantity: 2 kg (1.8 liters)
Prep time: 10 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 30 min
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