Lasagna is my husband's favorite dish, so it was mandatory to learn how to cook this recipe as tasty as possible. The recipe is classic (but I didn't use parmesan); try it as it is very good and delicious.

Helper recipes

1 piece
1 serving
2 pieces
2 servings


Yellow cheese
500 g
Lasagna Sheets
1 piece
500g package

Step by step

Step 1

Prepare Bolognese Sauce Recipe - here you can add some fresh cherry tomatoes.

Lasagna - Step 1
Step 2

Prepare 2 serving of Bechamel Sauce - recipe is here.

Lasagna - Step 2
Step 3

I used a deep rectangular heatproof pan to prepare lasagna.

Pour 3 tabs of Bechamel sauce in the pan, then put one layer of lasagna sheets.

Lasagna - Step 3
Step 4

Brush the lasagna sheets with white sauce, put a layer of  Bolognese sauce over it.

Lasagna - Step 4
Step 5

Then grate some cheese over Bolognese sauce layer.

Further on we'll continue in the same order - lasagne sheets, bechamel sauce, bolognese sauce, cheese - I made five sets of sheets - according to your pan.

Lasagna - Step 5
Step 6

The last layer of lasagna sheet is brushed with white sauce.

Lasagna - Step 6
Step 7

Grate some ordinary cheese or mozzarella over it, then bake lasagna in the oven until browned.

Lasagna - Step 7
Step 8

When is cooked, remove from the oven, let it cool 10-15 min and enjoy with your family and friends.

Bon Appetit!

Lasagna - Step 8
Quantity: 2 kg (8 servings)
Prep time: 80 min
Difficulty: intermediate
Ready in: 120 min
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Rating: 5 (1 votes)

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Galia 29 Jan 2011, 16:04

This recipe of lasagna becomes very popular in my family.I prepared it for my husband's mother, she liked my lasagna a lot...and asked me the recipe

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