Grilled Beer Marinated Chicken

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Grilled Beer Marinated Chicken

I finally got to show you the chicken grilled meat that we have been enjoying for several years, our favorite at every barbecue and we don't change the other one at all. It is sensationally tasty, it smells great, I can't say anything about the taste.

I usually use boneless and skinless chicken legs, but you can also take simple legs. I also tried the chicken breast method, it is good, much better than just cooking, more tender, but I still prefer the thighs. We also marinate pork, beef, neck, etc.


Boneless chicken thigs
1 kg
or simple, with bone and skin
White onion
5 pieces
1 tbsp
300 ml
Laurel leaves
3 pieces
Ground black pepper
0.5 tsp
adjust according to preference

Step by step


The chicken legs are washed and drained well of water.

Put them in a deeper bowl, or pan with a lid.


Onions are cut into rounds about 7-8 mm thick.


Add it to the meat in the bowl, sprinkle with salt, pepper and chopped bay leaves.


Pour his own.


And mix all this with your hands, to distribute the salt and spices as well as possible between the pieces of meat.


Refrigerate the marinated meat bowl for 6-10 hours, do not forget to cover it with a lid.

I usually marinate it in the evening before the barbecue and the 2nd day is perfectly marinated. Or marinate it in the morning if you grill in the evening.


After this time, drain the beer from the meat, if it has not absorbed it all.

You can use it to sprinkle the meat while grilling.


Grill the meat on both sides, as well as the sliced onion.


It can be served immediately but it is delicious and cold, or reheated.

The ideal garnish would be a salad or some baked potatoes, also grilled there.

Good appetite!

Quantity: 1 kg
Prep time: 60 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 360 min
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