Onion and Cheese Focaccia

Onion and Cheese Focaccia

A simple and quick focaccia recipe, with ingredients at hand in any season, this is a kind of pizza-pie-bread, very aromatic and tasty. I'm still working on some more interesting focaccia recipes. For now, this is the first option, be sure to consider it!


Warm water
250 ml
Active dry yeast
10 g
or 25g fresh yeast
2 tbsp
Olive oil
5 tbsp
1 tsp
White flour
400 g
White onion
2 pieces
Feta cheese
150 g
Herbes de Provence
2 tsp
or Italian seasoning
Sunflower oil
50 ml

Step by step


In a bowl, combine warm water with yeast and sugar. Let sit for 15 minutes until slightly foamy.


In a different, large bowl, place the flour and add 2 tablespoons of oil, salt and the yeast mixture.


Mix the dough, at first, with a spoon.


Then, knead with your hands until you have a soft, slightly sticky and smooth dough.

Try not to add too much flour, even if it feels stickier.

Let rise for 1 hour in a warm place, covered with a towel.


During this time, cut the onion into slices and cook in sunflower oil until lightly browned.


Cut the telemea cheese (Romanian cheese) into cubes.


When the dough has risen, pour over 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil.


Carefully, take it with your hands and transfer on parchment, about the size of a regular oven tray.

Stretch out the dough with your hands into a large rectangle and make holes in it with your fingers.


Sprinkle with the dried greens over the entire surface.


Then evenly spread over the cheese cubes.


And top with the fried onions.

Let the focaccia rise in the pan for at least another 20 minutes at room temperature.


Bake in the preheated oven at 200 degrees C for 20-25 minutes, until it browns nicely.


Let cool for a quarter-hour, then serve with great pleasure.


Quantity: 1 kg
Prep time: 45 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 45 min
Publish date:

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