Aperol Spritz Recipe

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Aperol Spritz Recipe

In my life I had no idea what the Aperol Spritz cocktail is, I didn't even know it existed 2 months ago... But, how did I decide with husband let's go out into the world and the first serious outing was in Venice, ready, I gave it a try ... This Aperol Spritz cocktail is a classic in Italy, it can be seen at any meal / coffee / restaurant and attention at first.

Every time I served it there, I received half a slice of lemon in it and served it with green olives. After studying the recipe on the internet, I noticed that it is a bit wrong, and below I show you the classic recipe.

Come home first of all we looked for good resources of Prosecco and Aperol (it is consumed more slowly, so you can also take a small bottle), and now in our house this cocktail is in high demand. It is simple, very beautiful, with an interesting taste and aroma. You can adjust the quantities of the 3 basic ingredients to taste.

I haven't tried to replace Aperol with Campari yet, but I understand that it is possible and there is another version of Spritz.


90 ml
60 ml
Sparkling water
30 ml
1 piece
or lemon
Ice cubes
5 pieces

Step by step


Prepare all the ingredients for the cocktail and of course a glass of white wine.

Aperol and Prosecco can be found in almost any store, however, in case of emergency, Prosecco can be replaced with any sparkling white wine you like.


Put ice and shake a little to cool the glass well.


Add 90 ml of Prosecco.


Then 60ml of Aperol.


Finally pour 30ml of mineral water.


Add half a slice of orange or lemon.


Squeeze another 1 tablespoon of orange juice in the cocktail, grease the edges of the glass with a little orange slice.

These are small details that I often don't make - I forget to shake the ice and don't slice the edges of the glass with an orange slice - but that's the classic recipe.


Carefully mix the composition in the glass with a teaspoon.


Serve and cool down with great pleasure :)

Good appetite!

Quantity: 190 ml (1 serving)
Prep time: 5 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 5 min
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