Zabaglione Recipe

Zabaglione Recipe

Zabaglione, is a classic Italian dessert, very popular perhaps because it's very easy to prepare, but also because of the fine taste of wine combined with the fluffy texture of the custard. From the start I must warn you that it's a dessert for adults, great for a romantic dinner for two, or to entertain some guests with something interesting. It has an intense wine taste and flavour, that's why I make the Zabaione version lighter, with half of the amount of wine below. I would also recommend serving in small portions and combined with fruit, to make it fresher and lighter.

Moreover, I tried to make a low-carb version, without the classic sugar (I used sweetener) and I replaced the semi-sweet dry white wine with something else. It came out just as good and still allowing me to watch my weight. I would combine it with a few more tablespoons of Mascarpone, to neutralize the taste of wine, but here you can use your taste to guide you - my husband didn't want it, he said he liked it simple.

There are several ways of preparing the Zabaglione, but the basic idea is to thoroughly beat the egg yolks and then cook them on a bain marie. In the classic version, semi-sweet white wine is used, like Marsala or Prosecco, but you can replace it with any other favorite white wine, or a sparkling wine at hand. I also tried to make it simple, with vanilla, but I seemed to like the cinnamon version more - test them and choose the one you like best.

From this basic dessert you can create various other creams and desserts - ice cream with zabaglione, cream cake, ramekin desserts combined with other creams, jelly etc.


Egg yolks
4 pieces
4 tbsp
in the low-carb version I replaced it with 2 tablespoons of sweetener (Xylitol or Tagatose)
Vanilla Extract
1 tsp
or 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon
White wine
100 ml
semi-sweet or semi-dry, according to preferences
Fresh fruits
2 tbsp

Step by step

Step 1

First, separate the yolks from the egg whites and place them in a larger bowl - made of metal or glass, suitable for steaming later.

I recommend preparing the bain marie now. Fill a pan with water, not too much, and bring it to a boil.

Zabaglione Recipe - Step 1
Step 2

As I told you in the introduction of the recipe, I replaced the semi-sweet wine with a semi-dry wine - this is how I excluded the extra sugar from the recipe.

In the classic version, it is made with semi-sweet Marsala or Prosecco wine.

Zabaglione Recipe - Step 2
Step 3

Pour 100ml of wine into a glass, we will use the glass some more in the recipe.

For a softer taste of wine, try using 50-75ml.

Zabaglione Recipe - Step 3
Step 4

Now, in the bowl with the yolks, add the sugar (or sweetener), vanilla and/or a little cinnamon.

Regarding the sweetener - I also made a version with erythritol/stevia but it crystallized and it wasn't ok. I recommend using xylitol or tagatose for an exemplary texture.

Zabaglione Recipe - Step 4
Step 5

Start mixing at the highest speed.

Zabaglione Recipe - Step 5
Step 6

The composition should become fluffy and increase in volume 2-3 times, see the picture.

Zabaglione Recipe - Step 6
Step 7

Pour in the wine little by little, continue mixing in the meantime.

Turn off the mixer after you have added all of it.

Zabaglione Recipe - Step 7
Step 8

The water in the bain marie pot should boil by now. Place the yolk mixture on top and continue to mix with a simple whisk.

Zabaglione Recipe - Step 8
Step 9

In about 7-10 minutes the cream will start to become thicker, if you shape the number eight with the whisk, you will notice a sort of waves.

Now quickly remove the bowl from the bain marie and stir a little more in it, so that the cream is as smooth as possible and without lumps.

Don't keep it too long on the bain marie, you might get a sweet omelet in this case :)

Zabaglione Recipe - Step 9
Step 10

Transfer the cream to bowls or small glasses - from these quantities you get 2 medium portions or 3 more modest portions.

Allow to cool for 30 minutes at room temperature, then refrigerate for another 1 hour.

Zabaglione Recipe - Step 10
Step 11

Before serving, garnish with fruit, chocolate bits, biscuits etc.

I used frozen fruits according to the method here, notice how fine and beautiful they are after thawing!

Zabaglione Recipe - Step 11
Step 12

Notice that it has the texture of a fine foam, it holds its shape well and is very beautiful.


Zabaglione Recipe - Step 12
Quantity: 250 g (2-3 small portions)
Prep time: 120 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 10 min
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