Romanian Pickled Round Peppers in Vinegar

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Romanian Pickled Round Peppers in Vinegar

Yes, now I can say that we really like peppers in vinegar - sweet-sour, crunchy and flavorful. Although I tried a recipe for cold-preserved round peppers about 8 years ago, I didn't succeed - initially they were good but very quickly they fermented and broke down (in an apartment room, a bit warm). This year I repeated the experience, but I hope it will be successful in the end, because they are too delicious and it's a shame not to enjoy them in winter. This time I made sure more, I still don't know how they will stay in my new pantry (also for the apartment, but a bit cooler) so in 2 jars I put half an aspirin pill, 2 I left them test, to see what they will do without preservative and 2 keep them in the fridge (one of which has already been eaten :))

I will keep you updated with their evolution, but because it is not an exaggeratedly large amount, they are also kept in the refrigerator - I made 6 800ml jars, but I didn't put them in there. Because each pantry and cellar has its own specifications, you have to test for yourself how they will look - but I can honestly say that they are worth the effort, they are too good!

What I would notice in the recipe is that although there is some vinegar here, after mixing everything and leaving the juice of the peppers, it loses its strong smell and sour taste - the peppers are more sweet than sour, just to our liking.


Round of hungary peppers
5 kg
500 ml
necessarily 9%
500 g
Pickling salt(no iodine)
100 g
5 pieces
Celery leaves
1 bunch
Mustard seeds
3 tsp
Whole black pepper
2 tsp

Step by step


The donuts are washed well and prepared for the recipe.

Be very careful to take beautiful, healthy donuts from the market without worms.


Be sure to put some protective gloves on your hands - in a year I ignored them and my hands burned horribly after I cleaned the donuts.

So, clean them from the spine and cut thin or larger slices, as desired.


In a bowl, mix the sugar with the salt and vinegar.


Move the donuts in a large bowl, pour the vinegar brine over them.


Mix well with a spoon.


Cover the basin with a towel and leave for 20-24 hours in the kitchen, at room temperature.


To make sure that all the donuts will soften well and leave the juice well - I recommend after these 20 hours to mix them well, put a press over them - here a large plate and a few jars on top.

Leave it with the press for another 5-6 hours.


Forget how well they left and have full juice after this procedure with the press.


We wash and sterilize the jars well - I prefer to dry them in the oven, 30 minutes at 120 degrees.


Wash the celery leaves, cut the horseradish roots into thin slices.


In each jar we put a few slices of horseradish and a small celery leaf.


Fill the jars with the donuts in the basin.


Top with horseradish and a celery leaf.


Then put half a teaspoon of mustard seeds in each jar.


And a few black peppercorns.


Pass the juice left by the donuts through a sieve and pour into jars.


Close the jars tightly with lids.


As I told you, I did the test on how the donuts will look best.

On 2 jars I wrote on the lid - that they are WITHOUT ASPIRIN - they will stay in the pantry and we will see how they will evolve.

2 of them are in the refrigerator for current consumption and 2 jars with half an aspirin pill in each, also in the pantry.

I will let you know how this will work :)


I served them already in a week, and 1 jar evaporated immediately :)

So - good, sweet-sour, crunchy, slightly spicy and fragrant.

Good appetite!

Quantity: 5 l (5-6 jars of 800ml)
Prep time: 1 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 24 min
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