Chicken Rooster Stewed in Red Wine

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Chicken Rooster Stewed in Red Wine

I come back after the holidays with this simple recipe for rooster and wine, tested on several guests with great success, especially since in the first relative I used country rooster meat. In fact the book says it should to be a French rooster from Bresse, but the one from my mother in the yard was also good. I didn't calm down and I repeated the recipe for rooster wine with simple commercial thighs, it's harder to find an exemplary country rooster and to have more thighs (I had 2 crows and I only chose the thighs from them, so a bit expensive and complicated, but do it when you have the opportunity). So, in the last steps you have the more economical version, at hand, with simple chicken legs - to be honest, it seems to have been even better, so you start without worries). Very important in the recipe is to use a dry red wine good quality, the one you like to taste and which you serve with pleasure. In the first round I made Bordeaux wine, and in the second recipe I used Purcari Cabernet-Sauvignon, maybe I'm more Moldovan but the one from Purcari seemed better ... both in the recipe and besides.

There are many variants of coq au vin recipes, which are more than authentic and classic, I chose the one that seemed simpler to me and "smelled" the best on the computer.


Chicken legs
1 kg
preferably country rooster - but I also used simple boneless chicken thighs
Red dry wine
500 ml
2 pieces
White onion
3 pieces
choose smaller pieces
Celery root
200 g
Garlic cloves
5 pieces
Dry savory
2 pieces
I mean small, fresh or dried thyme branches
2 pieces
Olive oil
100 ml
50 g
1 tsp
Ground black pepper
0.25 tsp

Step by step


- First of all, clean and prepare the vegetables

- Carrots are cut into thicker slices, as well as onions. Cut the celery into slices or leave medium-sized stems.

- Put them all in an oven tray and sprinkle them on top with 50ml of olive oil.


Put the tray in the preheated oven at 200 degrees for 15-20 minutes, the vegetables will brown a little and will change their smell, texture.

You can mix them carefully during this time, to brown them evenly.


Here I used only the legs and the more meaty parts of the wings from 2 country cuckoos - because I had guests and it had to reach everyone.

For 1 recipe, I recommend not taking more than 1 kg of meat, so it cooks perfectly and penetrates best.


In a larger pan or in a thick-bottomed saucepan, heat the remaining 50ml of olive oil and the 50g of butter.

Put the washed and dried chicken pieces with some napkins to fry.

Heat them over high heat on all sides, to be nicely browned.


Here the Bordeaux wine used for the first time, taken from Lidl at a decent price.


Don't forget the very important ingredients - the thyme and rosemary sprigs, plus the garlic cloves (the first time I crushed them with a knife, also with the peel, but I still recommend removing it).


Okay, so I introduced you to the wine and spices until the thighs browned.

Now pass them from the pan to a pot or thick-bottomed pot, with suitable handles to be put in the oven later - not plastic (mine are silicone)!

If you have hardened your thighs directly, skip this step.


If you have hardened them in the pan, don't forget that there are good things left after hardening - pour a little wine and dissolve them, we will pour them over the meat below.


So, we have the browned thighs in tuci, we add over them the browned vegetables from step 1-2, we add salt and pepper.


Pour the wine (the one from the pan and then the glass) to cover the meat a little, don't pour it all if you don't need it, leave it for serving :)


Put the thyme, rosemary and garlic cloves, slightly crushed with a knife, on top.

Cover the pot with a lid and cook on the stove for 30-40 minutes (the country cuckoo is even better to cook for 1 hour).

Careful! DO NOT mix at all in the pot while the meat is boiling, neither on the stove, nor in the oven - ready, you have nothing to look for there :)


After this time I removed the lid and put the pot in a preheated oven at 120 degrees for another 30-40 minutes (for single legs) or 1-2 hours (for country cuckoo, until the meat is soft).

Notice that the difference in cooking time is only due to the type of meat, if you see that there is less juice in the pan with the country meat, cover it with a lid or aluminum foil, so that it does not burn. Or add a little more wine or water to it.


After it has boiled and is ready, remove the meat from the tuci in a plate, arrange the vegetables next to it and carefully pour the juice over it.

Set aside the rosemary / thyme pieces if you don't like to see them there. If you peel the garlic, you will be able to serve it with the rest of the vegetables and the sauce formed.


Now let me show you the 2nd option that I cooked - the one with commercial thighs and Purcari wine, it was a beat on every piece but especially on the bread juice :)


The process was the same, I took 1 kg of boneless chicken legs, I hardened them with butter and olive oil directly in the tuci.


I salted them, peppered them, put the ripe vegetables on top and poured enough wine to cover them.


Don't forget to add thyme, rosemary and garlic on top.

Boil for 30 minutes on the stove.

Notice the pink-brown color of the meat, they will not scare you, after cooking longer in the oven it becomes more beautiful :)


It looks like this after another 40 minutes in the oven at 150 degrees, without a lid!

So the commercial meat cooks faster, the difference in taste was not very big, you start without worrying about the recipe.

You can once turn them carefully with a fork, while boiling in the oven.


Here the country cuckoo, served with a large procession and a pump on the New Year's table, was very effective but with even little cooking effort.


Here I did a rehearsal, just yesterday, with commercial legs (because my mother doesn't have as many cocks as we want to eat :))

Delicious, simple, fragrant and very effective!

Good appetite!

Quantity: 1 kg
Prep time: 180 min
Difficulty: intermediate
Ready in: 30 min
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