Meat Zucchini Casserole

Meat Zucchini Casserole

Another recipe with zucchinis, accessible to anyone, delicious, fast and healthy. It's a filling dish but, at the same time, not too heavy thanks to the zucchini (which is not fried in advance). You can make this recipe using minced chicken, turkey, pork, beef or your favorite mix.

The method is very easy and fast. You don't have to prepare the zucchinis in advance. They will release a little juice but that's not bad, it will only make the casserole more tender. Another big plus is the fact that it doesn't contain flour of any kind, only eggs, sour cream and a little cheese on top for the crust (which you can skip without worries), so it's dieteic. I cook it with great confidence for the low-carb diet. It's also good for those who have problems with fried food.

It can be garnished with large slices of tomatoes on top. I had an impressive cherry tomato harvest in the garden which I now use for all kinds of dishes, frozen (frozen tomatoes by the method here) or fresh.


1 kg
I mean the net quantity - peeled and seeded, if they are older
Minced meat
500 g
anything you like - chicken, turkey, pork, beef etc.
Bell pepper
1 piece
1 piece
4 pieces
or replace with whole cherry tomatoes, like me
4 pieces
Sour cream
250 ml
you can use cooking cream or fermented cream, any fat percentage
Yellow cheese
150 g
you can skip if you don't like it or you are not allowed to
Chopped parsley
2 tbsp
1 tbsp
Ground black pepper
0.25 tsp
Vegetable oil
50 ml
or butter

Step by step

Step 1

First, wash and prepare the zucchinis.

I had a few older ones which I peeled and seeded (it's simple with a spoon). What's important is that at the end you have an approximate amount of 1kg.

Meat Zucchini Casserole - Step 1
Step 2

Then cut into medium-sized cubes, about 1x1cm, and place in a large bowl.

Meat Zucchini Casserole - Step 2
Step 3

Toss the diced peppers and finely chopped parsley over the zucchinis.

Meat Zucchini Casserole - Step 3
Step 4

Dice the onion and fry in a little oil.

Meat Zucchini Casserole - Step 4
Step 5

When browned, add the minced meat to the pan and mix well.

Meat Zucchini Casserole - Step 5
Step 6

Continue to stir frequently until there is no more juice and the meat begins to brown.

Meat Zucchini Casserole - Step 6
Step 7

Place it over the zucchinis, peppers and parsley in the large bowl.

Meat Zucchini Casserole - Step 7
Step 8

Mix everything well, season with salt and pepper.

Meat Zucchini Casserole - Step 8
Step 9

Now move the mixture to a deep oven pan.

Mine was big, oval and made from glass. It also looks nice when you serve it straight from the glass dish.

Meat Zucchini Casserole - Step 9
Step 10

Place slices of tomatoes or cherry tomatoes on top.

Meat Zucchini Casserole - Step 10
Step 11

In a small bowl, mix eggs with sour cream, a pinch of salt and pepper.

Meat Zucchini Casserole - Step 11
Step 12

Pour this mixture evenly over the vegetables and the meat in the pan. Shake the dish gently to spread it everywhere.

Meat Zucchini Casserole - Step 12
Step 13

Now top with the grated cheese.

Meat Zucchini Casserole - Step 13
Step 14

Cover the casserole dish with a lid or foil and place in the preheated oven at 180 degrees C for 1 hour.

Meat Zucchini Casserole - Step 14
Step 15

After baking, leave to cool and the flavours to blend for about 30 minutes before serving.

Meat Zucchini Casserole - Step 15
Step 16

And a section, very fresh, tender and delicious, you can serve it with salad or any garnish you like.


Meat Zucchini Casserole - Step 16
Quantity: 2400 g (8-10 servings)
Prep time: 60 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 40 min
Publish date:

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