Romanian Papanasi - Fried Dumplings

Romanian Papanasi - Fried Dumplings

There is no need for me to say how good these fried dumplings are - in fact, they are extraordinary. My husband and my kids simply adore them and they are always happy when I cook these Romanian papanasi with cheese.

I've been studying the Romanian papanasi recipe on various websites and I chose this one, which is the simplest and has easy to get ingredients. It was a success! Now the VIDEO Recipe will help you even more, so I'm sure you'll be successful too! You must serve papanasi with sour cream and your favourite jam.


Farmers cheese
500 g
pick soft cow's milk cottage cheese with less whey - if it's too runny, you'll have to add more flour
100 g
2 pieces
White flour
200 g
Vanilla Extract
1 piece
Baking soda
0.25 tsp
1/4 tsp
Sour cream
200 ml
100 g
pick your favourite jam, honey would be a good option as well

Step by step


Place the cheese and eggs in a bowl.


Add in the sugar, vanilla extract and baking soda. Mix well with a spoon to combine.


Next comes the flour - mix with the spoon to combine.


Notice the dough is sticky - don't use your hands, you'll only get annoyed. Also, if the dough is too hard and not sticky, the dumplings won't be tender when cooked.


So, what shall we do? Dust the work surface with a bit more flour than usual and spoon the dough onto it.


With your floured hands, carefully gather the dough into a ball - don't knead, just shape.


Divide the ball into 8 equal pieces.


From each piece, cut another smaller one, about the size of a walnut - this will be the ball on top.


Now we are shaping the dumplings - roll the small piece into a small ball. Roll the bigger piece into a bigger ball. Then place it on the floured table and make a hole through the center with your finger. Spin the dough slowly around your finger to enlarge the hole.


Repeat the procedure for all the dumplings. I had 8 sets of beautiful dumplings :)


Heat plenty of oil in a deep frying pan, place some dumpling sets and cook until brown on one side. Be careful, they will turn brown very fast.


Then turn on the other side and cook until brown.


Repeat the procedure for all the dumplings, then transfer to a plate with paper towel and let the oil drain.


Now we are assembling the dumplings - place a big dumpling on a plate and fill the hole with jam.


Spread 1-2 tbsp sour cream over the jam and place the small dumpling on top.

They are adorable and dangerously tasty - you will fall in love once you take the first bite.


Quantity: 8 pieces (8 servings)
Prep time: 15 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 30 min
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