Banana Bread

Banana Bread

It's a super delicious cake. I never thought bananas could be so flavourful in a cake. If you are a banana fan, I recommend the recipe with confidence. And again, a solution for those with fussy kids.


1 cup
150 g
2 pieces
3 pieces
White flour
2 cups
Baking powder
10 g
0.25 cups

Step by step

Step 1

Line a loaf pan with butter and sprinkle over with flour or breadcrumbs.

Banana Bread - Step 1
Step 2

Puree the bananas with a fork or the blender.

Banana Bread - Step 2
Step 3

Mix to combine the sugar with the soft butter.

Banana Bread - Step 3
Step 4

Add eggs and mix again.

Banana Bread - Step 4
Step 5

Mix in the bananas.

Banana Bread - Step 5
Step 6

Stir in flour and baking powder.

Banana Bread - Step 6
Step 7

Then the chopped walnuts.

Banana Bread - Step 7
Step 8

Pour the batter into the pan. Make sure there is enough space for the cake to rise, so choose a bigger pan.

Banana Bread - Step 8
Step 9

Bake in the oven for about one hour at medium temperature, until it browns well. Then remove and let cool in the pan for ten minutes.

Banana Bread - Step 9
Step 10

After ten minutes, turn it out onto a plate and allow to cool completely.


Banana Bread - Step 10
Quantity: 1 kg (10 servings)
Prep time: 60 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 20 min
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